With it's dispersed population, Carengar is also a place where an enterprising individual might find ways to work around the system (and the navy). There are opportunities for smuggling various foods off the world, especially those that are not found easily on nearby worlds in the Sector. There is also the problem of workers (and some naval personnel) who are disaffected by their current lot in life and are looking for a way out. While a very few might be able to create a new life with well forged documentation, many end up paying their debts by working for the group or individual (usually some type of pirating or other organized crime) and taking the chance that they can then escape from that life for something they can live with.
Carengar is the world that provides significant "fresh" food to the fleet depot workers at Sechler . The population knows the importance of their work, especially since a sizable portion also work at Sechler and understand the what the good food from here brings to the morale and welfare of the depot workers.   While food can be grown using hydro- or aero-ponics, this also takes up valuable space on a station and with the large numbers required to support the fleet, it would probably take whole orbital platforms just to create the food required to keep the workers going. Carengar was explored at the same time as Sechler and since no native sophonts were found there, the navy decided to use it as a farming community to support the fleet.   Carengar itself is separated into several districts, each with a specialty in the types of food it produces and also allows easy access to equipment that specifically supports a type of farming without requiring delays in transportation. Districts are generally split by whether they grow crops or raise animals and may be further categorized by specializing.

Fauna & Flora

While there was some native flora and fauna, many common and desired plants and animals have easily adapted to the biome here. Some farmers are willing to try something new, taking a bet that it will succeed and bring a better price, at least for a while, and provide a new or exciting food for consumption on the station.
Starport: Routine
Diameter: 14,410 km
Atmosphere: Standard O2N2
Population: 60 Million
Communal or unionized farming districts
Law Level: Weapons prohibited
Tech Level: 7
3 Gas Giants
Scout Base
by Vaclav G. Ujcik
by Vaclav G. Ujcik
by Vaclav G. Ujcik
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