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Sechler is a system in the Westholm SubSector and home to the 73rd Fleet . It is a high population world, although most of the population is spaceborne. It is home to huge spaceship construction facilities capable of rebuilding and repairing any ship in the fleet up through a Tech level of B, which is considered average for the Virgo Cluster.   Despite having the huge naval construction and support yards, Sechler does not house a Naval base. Any base support is drawn from a unique arrangement with the Scout base there.   Sechler is technically only a Class B starport as those are the facilities that are available to civilian traffic. Due to the nature of the system, it hasn't been commercially viable for civilian construction to compete with the naval facilities. Although it is assembling huge starships with jump drives, since that is limited to the Navy starmaps consider this system to house a Class B starport.   The vast majority of the population live in the naval orbital construction facilities supporting the fleet and other naval components. There are few who actually live on the surface of Sechler. Huge stations housing everything a large set of communities need to survive and continue their service to the Navy. Naval personnel are housed directly on the construction and other military stations, while civilians live on other stations that have been built to support the naval presence. Those who are directly involved in construction are shuttled to their workplace while those who support them remain.   In the rare even that a ship needs facilities not available at the commercial starport, the navy is able to provide services that would allow the ship to safely travel to a destination where permanent repairs can be made. Class A starports are located at Kinor , a simple 2 parsec trip for ships with that range, and Ryomandi , which takes 5 single parsec jumps to reach for ships that are limited to one parsec at a time.


The system consists of 9 planets with a few containing moons. Sechler itself is a rather small world with about 50 percent of the surface covered by ice, as the surface temperature is well below the freezing point of liquid water.


The system depends on imports for food and other sustainables, however the it has most of the raw materials necessary to build and maintain a fleet. Minerals abound in the asteroid belt a few orbits away. Population is mostly housed in the massive space stations used for constructing and maintaing the fleet's ships. There are some recreational facilities located on the frozen surface of Sechler and several scattered on movable stations. Workers are housed on the construction stations, but have access to either group transportation or personally owned/rented gigs or pinnaces that can take them just about anywhere through the construction facility area.


During the growth and population of the Virgo Cluster, Sechler system was discovered and recognized as a system that could support building starships with minimal support for raw materials except for the sophonts and their means of sustenance. Gas giants in the system provide plenty of fuel for building and supporting the 73rd Fleet .


Although not a massive source of income for the facilities in the system, there is a small amount of tourism. For those who want to see the massive ships being build, a getaway area that is very secure for those who need some privacy, and for conferences for engineers and manufacturers of large spacecraft.
Starport: Good
Diameter: 1520 km
Atmosphere: O2N2 with sulphur taint
Population: 2 Billion
Government is military with unionized civilian population under contract
Law Level: Military Law Enforcement
Tech Level: 11
3 Gas Giants, no Planetoid Belts
Scout Base
by Vaclav G. Ujcik
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