Earl Maastrint

Frances Jane Sonclair

Rear Admiral Earl Maastrint is the current commandant and noble ruler of the Sechler system. As the system is essentially a huge naval depot, the commandant is given a life peerage with the name of one of the massive construction facilities orbiting Sechler . The noble rank puts them on a par with other system rulers.    The admiral is a lifelong engineering officer who rose through the ranks and has achieved what is considered the pinnacle for a non-line, non-combat command officer. He reports directly to the fleet admiral of the 73rd Fleet  She is a master at intuitively discerning logistical pathways and blockages and assigning the proper staff to ensure successfully minimizing delays.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Admiral Sonclair stays fit by employing a working/fitness routine that has helped make her successful. She works out for at least two hours per day, but she continues to work during that time. Treadmills, walkers, weight machines all are used to high efficiency while she continues to conduct meetings, interviews, dictate correspondence and the myriad of other details that absorb her attention.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Frances enlisted in the Imperial Navy on her 18th birthday. After serving a tour of duty as an engineering technician, she secured a spot at the Naval Academy on Ryomandi where she graduated in the top third of her class. She then had a steadily upward assignments as an engineer on larger and larger ships, interspersed with professional and technical schools. Her 40+ year career has culminated in command of the Naval Depot at Sechler responsible for construction and repair for ships of the 73rd Fleet .    As most officers who achieve Commander rank, she had been knighted for her service. When she was assigned as depot commander, she was raised to the noble rank of Earl as befitting someone with her responsibilities.



She generally talks in short bursts without wasting words. For those who do not know her, she will be perceived as curt to the point of rudeness. Those who know her, and her staff, realize that she is so incredibly focused on her work that she only takes the time to say what needs to be said on a subject and then is already moving on.    For those who are able to be around her when she is not working (which, unfortunately is seldom especially in her current position) are able to hold what would be considered a more normal conversation. She has a tendency to still steer conversations towards technical subjects, although it's not necessarily work related.
Current Status
Sechler Depot Commander (73rd Fleet)
Current Location
61 standard years old
Grey, about shoulder length
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.9 meters
65 kg
Ruled Locations


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