The Cinnamon Apple

The Cinnamon Apple is one of several mobile bakeries, this one in particular being managed and captained by the baker Tsaila Lyndom.   The Cinnamon Apple is one of many bakery boats, all owned by Millin Happs-Lowdown-Floo, the owner of the H.L.F. Company, one of the Somer Plate's largest restaurant and café companies. The Cinnamon Apple is one of the larger models of bakery boats, with a large kitchen, an indoors café sitting area, and a lower deck where all employees are able to live.   In the thirty-plus years that The Cinnamon Apple has roamed around the Somer Plate, it has developed a regular route and a trusted clientele. It's not the most well-earning ship in the H.L.F. fleet, but it's generally pulling its weight at the very least. This is possible thanks to the open nature of Tsaila Lyndom, which allows her to form good contacts with several suppliers along their routes, and through those contacts, they can get very good prices on the ingredients needed to make all the items that they sell. She also attributes the success to her second-in-command, baker Kolya Silversparrow, who has had many successful ideas on how to improve the recipes.   The menu aboard The Cinnamon Apple is extensively filled with apples. There are candied apples, apple pies, baked apples, and all manners of other apple related goods.   The Cinnamon Apple's route is to the best of the crew's abilities planned around the various apple harvests, allowing them to buy apples from one region one cycle (month) and serve treats made of those apples in a completely different region the next cycle.

Power Generation

All bakery boats were built to run on the steam produced by the bakery ovens, with green copper crystal transforming the heat from the smoke into energy that allows the ship to run as long as the ovens are running. The energy also serves to provide a heat source for the showers, and to the ship all around, so that it will never be too cold. As The Cinnamon Apple is an older model and is a ship over thirty years old, it is considered a less modern ship. There are far newer models that provide far better amenities. The newer ships are also often much larger than The Cinnamon Apple is, while The Cinnamon Apple isn't the smallest of the bakery boats. The Cinnamon Apple is one of the H.L.F. ships that is able to traverse both over land and water, though it is inadvisable for them to travel over certain terrains such as rough water and sandy deserts.

Weapons & Armament

As The Cinnamon Apple is a well-known merchant ship, is is a sought-after target by highwaymen and pirates, both for their food supplies, and for their money. Because of this, The Cinnamon Apple was outfitted with plenty of cannons in the stern of the ship. There are no cannons in the bow, port, or starboard, as The Cinnamon Apple is, despite its size, a fairly agile ship, with the ability to turn its stern in the direction of the enemies quickly. With permission from the Vvakol Council, The Cinnamon Apple also have a state mage aboard, both as a combatant against any enemies, and to maintain the green copper crystals inside the ovens and chimney. The state mage serving aboard The Cinnamon Apple is Ilzu Tabka of the Selulua.   Ilzu Tabka has made use of the supplies avalable to them aboard The Cinnamon Apple, to create both spells that uses ingredients commonly found on the ship as spell components, as well as magical weapons that the other members of the crew can use in the defense of the ship. It results in every spell that Ilzu Tabka casts to have a scent of apples.   One weapon that can be used by anyone is the apple bombs that Ilzu Tabka has created. They are hollowed-out apples, carved out to hold an explosive powder, a spark of flame encased in a little glass orb, and flammable fluids. Other things may also be added to them, such as broken glass, nails, and the like. They are mostly used as hand grenades, as they are too sensitive to be used as cannonballs; they can however be used as ammunition in slings, some of which can throw things unusually far. The apple bombs explode on impact. All are marked with a symbol by Ilzu Tabka, to show which type of bomb they are.

Armor and defense

While projectiles are the specialty in The Cinnamon Apple's defense and they rarely allow bandits to get close, The Cinnamon Apple has a surprisingly hard hull, even though it appears to be simply wood. It in fact has a casing of solid magic encasing it. This is a long-term spell that Ilzu Tabka casts every morning, as a concentration spell transferred to be contained in an apple-scented doll, which lasts for a full rise (day), which is when the spell needs to be renewed.

Communication Tools & Systems

There are telephone-like communication devices scattered through-out the ship. Mainly these communicators only serve the purpose of communicating between different crew members aboard the ship, however there is the ability to hook them up to communicate with the H.L.F. headquarters. This is something that is very rarely done, as it draws so much energy from the green commer crystals. When sending messages to the headquarters or suppliers and the like, the crew prefer to use Ilzu Tabka's flour doves.
The Cinnamon Apple 1
The Cinnamon Apple in a bird's eye view.
The Apple Boat
"Juicy grub to fill your belly and your heart!"
Owning Organization
Not for sale.
205 ft
55 ft
7½ mph


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25 Sep, 2021 11:59

This is a very unique idea for a ship! I love the idea of a mobile bakery, and the fact that the Cinnamon Apple is shaped like a piece of pie is so adorable! The propulsion and defenses are very well thought-out, and the concept of apple-based combat magic is hilarious! Great work overall!

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I want pie now, and I'm not even a super big pie person. I like the shape. It seems a bit funny, to me, but i imagine that part of the mages duties in maintaining the copper crystals involves cleaning them, which is not something many people would think of a mage doing, but obviously something most mages would know how to do with magic (in my opinion).   I enjoyed the read, thank you.

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Thank you!   Pie is very nice at the right occasion. And yeah, the mage needs to agree to either clean the crystals themself of have an apprentice doing so. In this care, Ilzu has no apprentice to do so.

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'It must have taken an enormous amount of work to built a ship like this!' - 'Nah, it was actually a piece of cake.' :D   Anyhow, keep on baking!

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