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History of the Realm

Year of the Partition

Year 0

  • 0 YP

    1 /1

    The Great Partition
    Era beginning/end

    Centuries ago, the world of the Singularity Realm used to be one entire nation, Vol, ruled by a body of Sovereigns. These sovereigns oversaw their own respective district, but in the big picture oversaw the entire Material Plane as a supreme governing body. The ultimate power of these rulers was undermined, and the world divided into 4 separate nations; Valland, Wildebourne, Astria, and Zelkhor. All 4 of these nations would divide further in following years, but Valland and Wildebourne retained their basic structure and name. Astria would (sort of) become Elaria and Zelkhor would (sort of) become Malrith. The initial break signals the first day of the Year of the Partition, and the following smaller partitions are all contained within the following 360 days.

After Partition

1 AP and beyond

  • 517 AP

    30 /3
    544 AP

    10 /1

    The Peloponnesian War
    Military action

    Over the course of decades in Kalleia, the growing power and influence of both Athens and Sparta caused conflicts between the profoundly different city-states, which eventually broke out into war.

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  • 544 AP

    20 /2
    545 AP

    20 /2

    4 Protectors are Exiled
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    Aleesia Nailo, Keem Goldthrone, Khorrak Raghthroknaar, and Thundercat Bojangles are sent through a rip in reality by the Magician, where they were stranded on a remote tropical island for 1 year.

  • 545 AP

    21 /2

    The Destruction of Reagarr
    Disaster / Destruction

    Criella Hope of the Protectors explodes in the head palace of Reagarr, sacrificing herself so that the rest of the Elite Protectors can escape. This event causes Reagarr to undergo the effects of a disaster of immense scale, that turned the country into a burning, desolate, desert wasteland.

  • 545 AP

    1 /3

    The Protectors Save the World

    In 545 AP, what was left of the band of elite Protectors defeated the Magician and destroyed the Singularity Stones. Due to their heroic feats of bravery, the whole world owes its life to Aleesia Nailo, Keem Goldthrone, Khorrak Raghthroknaar, Thundercat Bojangles, Althaea Galanodel, Ivellius Ilphelkiir, Kluk, and Mildrak Brawnavil.

  • 545 AP

    6 /10

    Formation of the U.N.K.
    Political event

    During the Magician's silencing of the gods, Malrith and other hostile tribes looked to vulnerable, newly godless nations. Malrith's attack on Kalleia interrupted the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta, at a vulnerable time where Kalleia was already in the midst of war. To prevent Kalleia's downfall, Athens and Sparta decided to band together to drive Malrith out of the country, and they succeeded. This display of Athens's and Sparta's strength as one led them to conjoin into the United Nation of Kalleia, incorporating both of the city-states' strengths.

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  • Tembris 12th, 575 AP
    Formation of the Misfits

    Avaahn Casper, Balasar Blackwater, Jinx, and Tarik Gamathanki all competed doing the same job, but soon figured out the whole job was a set up by Virelios Castellan, an aspiring criminal mastermind, to hire a criminal crew. The Black Dawn Campaign begins.

    Session Report
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  • 574 AP

    28 /3

    The Misfits escape the Black Mountain
    Criminal Activity

    The Misfits of Valland are the first in history to escape Black Mountain Maximum Security Prison alongside Malia Deceit, Milo Vale, and Thyreos Xaltakarr. The original 4 Misfits escape after a mere 3 days of incarceration.

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