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Session XI: Stonebreaker vs. Boulderstrike

General Summary

The Black Dawn arrived in the mountains of Kalleia after a long journey, meeting Tarik's goliath tribe and his parents. After asking about Arkaeus Boulderstrike, they learned about a folktale regarding the legendary minotaur of Kalleia, part of the immortal Monsters of Kalleia that would be reborn for eternity. The story was essentially that the minotaur of Kalleia, like the rest of the monsters, would be reincarnated after death, after spending a brief hiatus in Tartarus. The minotaur, specifically, was fabled to come back from each of his deaths with more potential.   Just before the crack of morning, the Black Dawn began to hear a few strange noises around Tarik's parents house. Upon entering, Arkaeus Boulderstrike was brandishing his greataxe above their heads, as they lay asleep in their bed. Boulderstrike threatened Tarik, commanding him to drop the mission otherwise he would behead his parents then and there. Luckily, the rest of the Black Dawn came to their aid and fought Arkaeus off, who had retreated into a cave higher up in the mountain.   Following him in, the criminals noticed several murals and carvings lining the walls, seemingly depicting Tarik and Arkaeus in battle, in the heart of a stadium. The Kalleian writing spoke of a prophecy between the Stonebreaker and the Minotaur, an immortal battle that would recur over centuries in different forms. Reaching the stadium depicted in the murals, Arkaeus was there waiting for Tarik, who had been unknowingly separated from the group.   As Jinx, Daedalus, and Avaahn Casper all fought the Cyclops, the Minotaur, and the Chimera, Tarik battled Arkaeus Boulderstrike to the death. Eliminating another Slicers, the Black Dawn began their journey to Elaria to find Alathar Casper .
The Black Dawn
Avaahn Casper
Report Date
29 Jun 2020


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