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The population is entirely made up of Ardanian


The town is runned by a baron that deals with finances and taxes.


The only defensive structure in the town is a single watchtower to see if anyone is coming near them.

Industry & Trade

Much of their trade is in the crops from their harvest, along with craft in metal working.


The town has seen better days, but they still have cobble stone roads. Along with forges and a windmill to function properly.


The town of way was created over three hundred years ago by Norrians that settled in Ardania. These settlers were originally part of the invading force of the Warlock Lords as they invaded Kinath with their slave armies of Norrians. But seeing a chance at freedom they defected to the kingdom of Ardania and warned them of the coming invasion. A first they thought that it was a trap, but the king at the time, Wayne the Tower believed the threat was real. They quickly mustered their forces and meet them a sea at the Battle of Waves and much of the Warlock Lords' fleet was destroyed. After defeat what remained of the enemy forces that landed at the battle of Fernburg. The kingdom was saved and as a reward for saving the kingdom from destruction, the Norrians. Naming it Wayne in honor of the King how gave them a chance.   For the next three hundred years the town integrate into Ardanian society, little by little. But would keep thier military traditions alive and became much more organized through Ardanian military traditions. Creating skilled warriors that few groups could produce in the kingdom. These warriors would be placed in a special unit in the army as well as recognition for that skill. The “Iron Blooded” was what they were called due to cold calculated mindset Whalen they were in battle and were used in many conflicts in the kingdom. Being often regard as warriors for great renown, they were often highly sought out for by many nobles to join their armies.   But no matter how much time had past, the citizens were always loyal to the crown in the end. As the crown granted thier home and many Iron Blood warriors were instated into the royal army. Whether it was their Norrian heritage or their sense of honor it has kept them loyal to the crown no matter who was on it or what they were doing with their power. In the rebellions that transpired in the last three hundred years, the town of Wayne fought for the crown. Even during Roland’s Rebellion, when they were fighting the tyrant king, Andros Caste they fought for him as they slaughtered thousands in his name.   Then the War of the Raptors came as the Vatian Empire marched its armies into the kingdom. Wayne would be safe until the second year of the war as imperial forces marched into town and were meet with fierce opposition from its citizens. Though the Battle of Wayne was seen as a minor battle during the war, the imperial soldiers that fought the Iron Bloods present in the town and the citizens remember its as living hell as every street and corner was a death trap. Leaving many Legionaries killed by mere peasants as the fought their way through. Wayne was order to be burned to the ground and it’s inhabitants put to the sword. Out of those who survived, they scattered across the kingdom and went into hiding. The town is now nothing more then a pile of ruins as an example by the occupation of the empire over the Ardanian people that to defy them would resolute in death. But those who survived the destruction of Wayne still fight the empire in rebel group known as the Brotherhood of the Wood and the anger strikes fear into the heart of any Legionary that crosses them.


The the deign is slightly foreigned as the Norrian settlers decided to designed some of their home with tradition designs of their culture.


Wayne was built on Evergreen Fields due to it fertile lands. It if often considered a isolated settlement due to this as their is nothing but fields that go on for miles and miles with anything else in sight. Except for a few stone deposits here and there.

Natural Resources

The fields around the area have rich soil to grow crops, along with some stone for construction.


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