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Lareen Ged

Madame Lareen Ged (a.k.a. Lady of Ged)

Very few women frighten the store keeps and children quite the same as Madame Ged...
  A lively women whose appearance and demeanor disguise her advanced years, Lareen Ged is the matriarch of House Ged. After the death of her parent's and grandfather, the energetic dame has spent the last three decades rebuilding the lost fortune of her family. With much of that coming from scrimping rupees and cutting ruthless deals with less savory merchants in Mabe Town, Lareen has gained a reputation as a miserly, dangerous noble.

Personality Characteristics


Desires to return House Ged to its former glory as the founding family of Mabe Town and ensure it's continued legacy.


Family Ties

Radoil Family
A close family within House Ged, the Radoils actually hold more money and power than the greater house. As such, they have regularly attempted to help Lareen throughout the years. The younger daughters, Caita Radoil and Daiki Radoil have spent many school years with Lareen and are considered her closest family.

Religious Views

Like most Hylians, Lareen believes in the divine power weilded by the Royal Family of Hyrule but holds little conviction in relation to that belief.

Hobbies & Pets

Welk, a Crenalian Housecat and beloved mouser of Taut Ledge.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady of Ged, given graciously by the late Earl of Crenal after her parents death and held viciously through subtle blackmail of the Earl's successor.
Year of Birth
374 PCE 58 Years old
Born in Windvane
Current Residence
Family Manor of Taut Ledge
She Her
Ruled Locations


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