An upright, bi-pedal species common to the region of Hyrule. Considered in ancient texts to be the descendents of the Goddess Hylia these people used to possess a strong affinity for magic and communication with the gods. Hylians are physically identified by their elongated, pointed ears and angular features. Many are seen as quite attractive, even across ethnicities and to other sapient species.   While many ancient writings have been discovered that point to Hylians as an original species around Hyrule, discovery and excavation of ancient sites point to a possibly older species in the form of the Lomei. If the texts are to be seen as trusted, it would appear that at some point in history the proto-Hylians actually left the region en masse and then returned centuries later.   Physically, Hylians are extremely varied in height and body type, ranging from the tall, muscular Gerudo to the shorter Hyrulite. Other notable groups include the Shiekah , Brynnan, Drumite and the Lokomo

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their elongated ears provide the Hylians with better hearing than their closest cousins, the Lomei. Many ancient texts also prescribe the ability to hear the voices of the gods, as well as an ability to communicate over vast distances and even time itself.   All other senses are on par with similar species.
Scientific Name
Rawar Bakoh holay
Hyrulite, Gerudo, Sheikah
80 years
Average Height
Male: 1.82 meters
Female: 1.77 meters   It should be noted that ethnic grouping tends to skew these averages widely, with ethnic Hyrulean Males averaging 1.7 meters and ethnic Gerudo Females averaging 1.9 meters.
Geographic Distribution


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