Royal Family of Hyrule

The monarchy of the Kingdom of Hyrule, ruling over Central Hyrule and it's sister provinces. The family also serves as an intermediary between the separate Unified Kingdoms, especially in areas where one nation would physically be unable to operate in another.   While the family has a long history in Hyrule, the current iteration is born from the remains of the Bosphoramus Dynasty, which was destroyed in the events of the Calamity. The current dynasty, de Hyrule, follows it's lineage back to Queen Zelda Arpina with her banishment of Calamity Ganon at the beginning of the age.


Bophel de Hyrule
King of Hyrule and patriarch of the family, though he does still defer to his father and predecessor, Bophel the Younger.
Nalur Athey
Queen and wife of Bophel. Originally hails from the nation of Ordon.
Rheton de Hyrule
Eldest son of Bophel and Nalur and heir apparent to the throne.
Tavan de Hyrule & Dorne de Hyrule
Twin sons of the family. Both are extremely charismatic diplomats, with exciting careers ahead of them.
Zelda Athey de Hyrule
Eldest daughter and inheritor of the ancestral name of Zelda. Chair bound since birth.
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