The Frontier Primer

Since the discovery that Red Amber existed not only on Feanor but had begun to manifest on other planets, the Crucible’s development accelerated dramatically. The thousand or so years since the The Nayoman Invasion have passed practically into legend now, no one truly knows what happened between then and now, there are rumours of ancient beings that could perhaps remember but they are rumours of rumours, myths of legend.   Widespread Red Amber fuelled a sudden and dramatic acceleration of technology, from the first electrical circuit all the way up to modern interconnected networks all powered by varying degrees by Red Amber. Now is a time of massive ambition, the dwarves of Titan have perfected interstellar travel and several corporations manage the routes between the different planets now that the light has stopped, interstellar travel is possible but expensive and fraught with danger. The different planets have different characteristics and different strengths but in reality have become very homogenised with the advent of computer networks (InterFleck) and the free flow of information.   Where you come in is that you are indentured workers, you are the only person who knows what you did to get here. Whether the corporate courts were right or wrong you are on a ship headed for one of the wilder planets in the crucible, Daxu. The planet is still more than 75% forest, jungle and wild lands, with great circular cities and towns dotting the world. Each settlement surrounded by a tens of meters thick concrete ring and constant noxious spraying of vegetation killer to keep the flora and fauna at bay and more drastic works conducted by the PLCVs . Some say that the planet is trying to resist the industrialization efforts of the different factions and that ancient powers are at work. Primary transport between cities is great protected raised railways upwards of 100 metres in the air all designed to resist the growth of the forests.   For your crimes you have been transferred to a new settlement as indentured labour, you’ll either be building up the settlement or clearing the jungle until your sentence is complete at which point you will be free to enjoy the fruits of your labour, returning home is not an option. The settlement you are heading to is Bran Grove where you will be tasked when you get there, by the sounds of things it's going to be a very hard life indeed, the Grove is in the middle of the Black Rain Forest where lucrative deposits of Oil have been found.   You will be engaged in the oil rig business in some fashion where you will be awarded 1.5 times your normal time served pay, this is due to the hazardous nature of the work and the high turn-over rate of workers due to injury. Bran Grove is a budding new settlement right on the fringes of the civilized areas of Daxu. Locals whom have been here from the beginning tell tales of strange creatures and ruins out in the deep parts of the jungle but none of this has been seen or heard of.  

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This is version two of the primer article that was previously posted, it has been re-written to add clarity and more information for the players.

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