Rycore Associates

Rycore Associates were established in 2275, near the beginning of the so called Golden Age Of Adventure, to take advantage of the many new opportunities for mining outside the solar system that had opened up with the discovery of the Flicker Drive. They became a founder member of the Great Commercial League in 2340.   An interesting observation made by the company prospectors was that theoretical sources of ore often failed to yield the expected content due to a failure to model the effects of mining work done by previous extinct species who had once lived and worked in the Bubble. The Carillon System, is an example of a location where previously important natural resources were worked out long before humanity even discovered them.   Rycore Associates were closely connected with the opening up and exploitation of S'arys, especially in the early days. It was a conflict of interest between "natives" and the Great Commercial League, specifically as manifested through Rycore Associates, which gave rise to the S'arys Contract in 2455. This would ultimately lead to the founding of the Republic.
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Corporation, Mining/Resources
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Cover image: Keldarchon by DMFW
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