Transmarine Harvest

Transmarine Harvest was an agricultural and fishing conglomerate formed on Earth by the merger of three significant food providing corporations, Atlantic Sea Fisheries, West Grain Belt Combine and Adaptive Rice Products near the beginning of the first dynasty of the Resource Management World Government in 2160.   The company was amongst the earliest to seek commercial off world opportunites, even during the relatively short lived period of solar system colonization that followed the discovery of the G-Lift Engine and preceeded Emergence. When human interstellar colonization began, it became one of the founding members of the Great Commercial League in 2340 and was responsible for the infamous Escaloda extinctions of 2345.   As a consequence of this debacle, the conglomorate suffered some significant set backs in the early days of the third dynasty of the First Solar Group, losing major contracts to the Plenning Syndicate, but it remained an important trader and management group for food producers throughout the Bubble for several centuries afterwards.
Founding Date
Corporation, Agriculture
Parent Organization

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