The Golden Age Of Adventure

The Golden Age of Adventure is a name sometimes given with more than a touch of sarcasm to the period of just eighty years between the discovery of the Flicker Drive in 2268 and the imposition of the Limitation in 2348.   This was a time of swashbuckling "innocence" when anything seemed possible, before the reality of the responsibilies required by the galactic community had become apparent.   The Great Push, a drive for colonisation, started at this time and continued even after the imposition of the Limitation, although on a subtly different basis.   Many institutions which were to grow in importance as the Bubble developed were founded at this time. Only later did humanity realise that their activities in these years had been monitored with close concern. The Escaloda¬†Extinctions in 2345 would lead to decisive action that brought this age to an end.

Cover image: Keldarchon by DMFW


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