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The Mjoli House

Eary Access

One of the highest non-Chui houses in Sedibeng.They were early participators, offering a workforce and support. This unbelievably earned them votes on the trees and a house name of value within the God Trees to the point of being able to vote on kings.

  The symbol for the Mjoli is a combination of wheat, a crown, and a bull's horn.

It symbolizes their commitment to work, and understanding of the money to work ratio.

Intelligent work has more value than hard work but if intelligence hasn’t earned wealth incurred through hard work then it’s no different to cheating. This is why one of the expectations of all Mjoli is to have the ability to fight, work and calculate quickly from their heads.

  They believe in mentorships as much as another yetsimbi but also peer to peer learning with a focus on testing to ensure an understanding of all basics along with project goals.

It's common for a Mjoli family member to be elbow deep in some kind of project or assignment in order to acquire some knowledge to expand.  

Work is Play

There’s no doubt that the capacity to work is everything to Mjoli education.

This means that book reading is only a fraction of their learning.

Many members are forced to travel Sedibeng, learning from the different industries either owned or worked by them.

This doubles as an education and test separating the worker from the manager.

Workers work, managers play.

Workers are those whose ambition fills 'the scope'

The scope being the scope of attachment, that which the family can fill, providing work, a home and access.

As for access, it can range from contacts to clothes, women, alcohol and food; all in the family's range.

Managers are those with the intelligence and ambition to expand beyond standard work. Holding them down is almost impossible. So they're told the opposite and are, able to expand into new opportunities to bring something new back.


Nomlanga and Qengeba House

The Mjoli prime is in the Nomlanga Tree, possessing a deal within the Qengeba House, working their asses off to grow their name but have yet been given full ownership rights. Instead they’re given leasing rights that go further than any land ownership deal in all of Sedibeng. This rule applies only to those who possess Mjoli name.

It’s never been ideal but has allowed them to build upon the land, owning many businesses. The deals, creating a set of entirely new laws.

There are land rights and possession rights. Example, if a person with possession rights working a farm.

If that land was taken then the Gods belong to the one with possession rights.

This applies to all families with possession rights. This overrides standard of natural rights.

The range for the Mjoli using the resources they were rewarded with was forestry, farmland and industry, workhouses and the sort. These were great assets for them, allowing them to be business rivals with the Pikoli to the point where it's said, there's little more exciting than a Mjoli and Pikoli business in the same city.

"Open-minded work is the key to revolutionary work."

Geopolitical, Great house

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