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Nkomfa Games, the 12th moon (Rugby Game)

This is a yearly tournament to measure the leadership, strength and progression of the Black Air Raider youth.   Many are elected, few manage to stay. All are judged and are a cog in the machine it is to be a Black Air Raider.   You stand, you focus and you find your inner strength. That inner strength is what will make you strong. This is an event which is a moment of pride between Black Air Raiders but there's always a different event every few months, mostly surrounded by a single event.   No parent will ever say no to their child being called up. It is an honor that lasts your entire life as a Black Air Raider. But upon failing, it is not the end of the world as there are events for multiple different point.   The kids are separated from their parents and the outside world. They are put in a boiling pot and they are let to burn, together.   There are many, many points in which a Black Air Raider is hardened. It is designed that way, as they are taught quickly that their way of life is hard, hard enough to be broken to pieces, which is why it is broken into layers and tests.      
All Black Air Raiders get hurt in this. The trick to to try to control how you're hurt. People believe that pain is out of other reach, there has never been so great a lie. Modimo Hleko's greatest gift was control of the universe she created. - Bantu.


This was formed as a binding agreement between the tribal heads, or Warcheifs.   This was something which agreed upon with the combination of workers.


On the first day of the 12th moon, teachers across the entire Mountain Range are to called up and put together outstanding individuals to face off against each other.   These outstanding individuals must work together and while working together they must lead each other in order to do outstanding work.   The point is, quite specifically to force Black Air Raiders to bond. To target success through unity. And to worship god.   This is a glorified training camp.   The first part is that Black Air Raiders are allowed to choose their own teams of seven. This is generally absolute chaos as every Black Air Raider will group together and then follow up with challenging each other's ego.  
  • They are then forced to play together in a knock out tournament.
  • Then the real battle begins the next group of team leaders are selected
  • These Leaders are given the Honor of facing each other in a round robin tournament and then a final knock out.


There are:   The children, numbering from 50 to 100.
  • The children are divided into groups and homes, then allowed to separate into groups and then must follow the path given to them by the Chaperons.
  The Chaperons, numbering from 10 to 20.
  • Thee chaperons goals are quite simple, make sure that the kids to not die. Kids can be boisterous, fighting each other with everything they have. Sometimes that can go too far. The kids must fight. It is most vital. But they must not kill each other. And they must not put themselves in positions that will have them killed.
  The Coaches, numbering from 5 - 10.
  • Coaches will double as refs most of the time but main matches will be watched by official referees.


On the first day of the 12th moon, all selected children are sent there. None of their parents are allowed to come, ever. Even if the life of the child is at risk.

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