Jwayeleni Ndlovu

Jwayeleni Ndlovu

The Matriarch of the North Sibini lands and one of the most influential figures.

As the head of the Ndlovu, it is the responsibility of her to maintain the order of The Ndlovu House.

The Ndlovu own the most land and the most property, generating, by far, the most money and the most Master Grounds Keepers.

But it means nothing.

There is something completely amiss in the land of Sibini, most specifically North Sibini, the most fruitful point within Sibini.

The Ndlovu are losing some grand battle that her family doesn't understand. Her family is vein, incestuious, obsessed with their power and not 'the work'.

A disgusting insult.

Not only one to their family, but to nature's way. The closest thing The Chui Yetsimbi and Sedi have to religion.

It is something she cannot stand as one who consults with their wise and, their 'preists'

There is a duty she has to furfil, all else is small and insignificant. Maintain her house and murder.


She is very withdrawn, letting her sisters, pompus as they are, do the schmoozing and talking while she does all the listening.


This is something she absolutely needs as she needs to write everything down, marking them down as a eans of remembering and processing information. All Ufele have above average memories but hers has bever been the best, making work twice as hard to maintain.


There are ways of maintaining her concentration and it is maintained with most of her hapiness, her inner joy an often neglected, the arm of the priesthood, the way of 'nature' and its symbiosis.

Taking Power

She was not the daughter of choice, ie the oldest or the most intelligent, both of her sisters beat her resoundingly. But her choices of words and her sense of gravitas, which is soething she is very deliberate about.

Because of this, in the realm of Grounds Keepers and even a few merchants, she can draw a crowd.

People want to listen to her speakings in nature and their own purposes in life, not only as a Grounds Keeper but as an Ufele.

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Matriarch of The Ndlovu House within
Aligned Organization


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