Bright Hall

Bright is an accurate description of this room. Towering ceilings decorated in glittering, hand painted tile. Brilliant Waw chandeliers that hum quietly in the air, refracting the light of over three hundred candles. Pillars of carved marble with golden embellishments and filled in, strategic cracks. Tile panels embedded in to the stone floor, barely hidden under the thick, ornate carpets and tapestries. Everything in this room points directly to the throne seated on the raised dais, leading the eye and your thoughts to the Thotthä.


Connection with the People

For the most part, this room is used as a connection point between the people and their Thotthä, a place for them to make requests and to tell them about everything they need or has gone wrong. From here the Thotthä can help or give council, hopefully leading the people on a better path. All sorts of things can be brought up, from a blight in the water to a petty thief stealing carpets. Once brought to the Thotthä it is his responsibility to take care of it, either by passing it on to his guards, giving out money, or even fixing it himself in some circumstances.

Court Room

The Bright Hall is also the place where criminals are brought and sentenced. Not all criminals, mind you, just the ones either found in Pachoché or bad enough their local Quithä didn't have the authority to deal with them.

6 other thrones are brought out for the members of the Council, including the Tuztha and Vokhitha, and placed next to the Throne, 3 on either side. The accused is then brought forward and given a chance to explain their actions. The Council then speaks their opinions and thoughts openly for discussion, usually while the Thotthä stays quiet. When all has been said, the Thotthä makes his ruling, his word law.


Most official ceremonies and appointments are held in this hall, surrounded by the splendor and histories of those that came before them. It's here the Vokhitha takes their first step into responsibility, and here men are made into soldiers and heroes. Once the official part is done, however, the celebrations usually move into the Ballroom.

It is not uncommon to find minstrels and bards quietly playing an instrument or tune in the background during these times, harmonizing with Waw Crystal chandeliers and provoking even more beautiful melodies into the cavernous space.
Alternative Names
Throne Room
Room, Hall, Throne Room
Parent Location
Connected Rooms
Ye yeah, know its supposed to be the "pinical of everything beatiful" and all that but its an absolute Sand Worm to clean. And ya know, in my humble oppionion, the whole place could use a bit less cleanin, feels like my eyes are going burn out everytime I go in there.
— A servant in The White Palace
Because of its ornate design, delicate paintings, and surplus of candles, this room is cleaned almost constantly. From wax dripping on the floor and carpets to scrubbing the tiles clean from soot and ash from the smoke to even polishing the floors weekly. Cleaning this place is a hard, constant job.


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You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.