The White Palace

Rising above Pachoché in all its glorious splendor, glittering white and gold on the pale, cloudless blue sky. The palace itself is made of quarts and marble pulled and polished in the Calfery Canyon, specially engraved and carved to suit the palace perfectly. Each side and embelishment ti coated in silver and gold leaf, flaunting their wealth to both the people and any outsiders that may come.

Purpose / Function

The Palace was built to house the seat of power for all of Tubl, as well as house the royal family and all official meetings. Here all the council meetings are held in the Cocus Chambers, meetings between the Thotthä and his people are held in the Throne Room, and hundred of elegant balls held in the Ball Room.

Cultural Impact

The Palace has become the center of culture for Pachoché and a great influence in Tublian culture all over. Many people have styled their own building to imitate the palace architechure as well as they can, bringing in white paints and golden accents as well as small houseplants where ever possible.


It's tall, elegant archiecture comes highly inspired by Greenis architecture and their facination with heights, a quiet nod to their roots. The adornments and gold plateting, however, comes directly fro their own wealth and style. Sphereical, golden orbs sit on top of the many towers, decorated in windows and glittering tile. In tall archways gloriously ornate doors are fitted, carved from the best imported oak from the north.

The brilliant white is well cared for everyday by hundreds of workers since it combats all the stereotypes pushed upon them by outsiders. Vivid, lush gardens suround the entire palace filled with exotic flowers and animals, enough to wow even the most vastly traveled person.
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Myths and Rumors

There are many myths and legends surrounding the palace, all of which are slightly chilling in their own way. Many people believe the ghosts of past Thotthäs roam the palace grounds, either causeing mischief or giving assistance when needed. Others believe there are creatures that creep around in the shadows, stealing servants where they wont be missed.

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You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.