Pachoché: The capital city of Tubl. A large, flat City placed at the top of the Calfery Canyon. This city is filled with gorgeous architecture with arching domes and hand painted, intricate tiles. This city is the seat of power for the entirety of Tubl, being the connection between the Tieflings and Fire genasi in the Pach Groves.


The city is a dizzying gathering of all sorts of people. The majority of people are Tieflings of all ethnicities and Fire genasi. In addition to this many others, like sun elf, Dunne Dwarf, and occasionally Orcish tribes and family groups migrate to this city as well when they have no where else to go.


Being the seat of power, Pachoché is run directly by the king. While the Gumon Thaz patrol and run the castle, the Gumoth keep the people in check and execute the laws. Offenders are then brought before the king and his advisers for judgement.


The city is in the heart of the desert, so that is its first defense. After that, the Gumoth are tasked with protecting the city and all its people.

Industry & Trade

Pachoché is the central hub for all internal trading in Tubl. Almost all produce and goods make it to this city at some point before or during its lifetime.

Guilds and Factions

The city is split into several groups and faction centered mainly around trade, weaving, design, and artistry.


This was the first city founded in Tubl. It was here the people scrounged and struggled to survive the wild, untamed, uncharted reaches of the west. It started small, just a last ditch effort to survive. Soon, however, roots were formed and the danger ebbed away, letting the people thrive in these harsh environments. people started arriving, flocking to this new sanctuary where they aren't ridiculed for their heritage. Once a government was founded and the city grew, people began leaving to form similar settlements, making this original settlement a powerhouse. From then on it's all history.


Tourism in the strictest sense is not actually that common. Pachoché is not nearly as attractive to outsiders as some other cities and towns. Pachoché is much more attractive to traders and adventurers, coming to explore their next big find. 

Traders come to get the best of Tublian products, the most complex patterns and vivid colors. Here is also one of the only places in Tubl  to get true, high-quality, hand painted tiles which fetch unbelievable prices in the South and East. 

As For adventurers, there are many mysterious things hiding in the still mostly wild and uncharted expanses of the desert. all those legends are swirling in the back ally ways and whispers of the people, meeting up at the largest, central city. It's the promise of intel that brings these adventurers in, and if they keep a little souvenir when they leave, who can blame them.


This city is a mix of tall, curved buildings and palaces made of white plaster, tile, and a limestone like material and smaller, flat hovels made of packed clay and stone. Each building looks handmade is is bursting with personality. Each house is several generations old, having been passed down through generations and remade to withstand the years. 

Shops and public places are all open air, fitted with arches and open, curved windows to help the breeze ventilate the area. Large pavilions lined with tile and carved statues are the entrances and homes to the many underground markets dotted across the city, each stall separated by thin cloths and feeble, clay walls.


The entirety of the city is backed up against the northern curve of the Calfery Canyon, parts of the underground markets breaking through the thick stone. Above, the earth is relativly flat, leading up to a small hill where the palace is nestled, overseeing the eastern cliff.
The capital city of Tubl
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