Black Chamber

Burried below the Bright Hall is a room built entirely out of onyx stone bricks. The Black Chamber the burrial place for all the the previous Thotthä's when they die, their bodies perserved in a black, tar-like substance that hardens around them, keeping them from decaying.

Any entrance to this place is prohibited to all but the Thotthä and Vokhitha on their coronation day since this is considered a sacred place. A place to ponder and contemplate the struggles of leadership while being reminded of the strength and courage of those that came before

Castle Rumors

Spirit Whispers

Some palace workers have reported hearing strange voices rising from the ground, whispering about old wars and distant strategies, about the losses durring the Age of Blood and everything they could have done better. While these whispers have no real malice to them, they have worked to keep people away from the Hall when unneeded.

The Terror

There are rumors of a beast that lives in the tombs, lurking beneath the stone, waiting for anyone who enters when they shouldn't. They call it the Bøthu, a creature that feeds on memories burried in flesh. Its said only the Thotthä can subdue it or keep it from feeding every chance it gets. There is little evidence to prove its existance, though the rumors still spred in the dark of night.

Birth place of Civilization

While there is much evidence to the contrary, many people believe the Black Chamber is much older than what is known, older than time even. Some say the Black Chamber is the birth place of life and the home of Vekeko. This is fueled by the sightings of a strange person wandering the halls of the palace just on the edge of their vision. The light steps echo through the halls, and if they are followed, they lead right back to the Bright Hall and the entrance to the Black Chamber.
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The Back Entrance

One of the oldest myths about this place is that there is another entrance somewhere else in the castle. No one is quite sure where this entrance is or if it really exists. If it does, it begs the question, who, or what, uses it? And why is there need to keep it a secret?

Some suppose the Thotthä uses it in secret to consult the spirits when in times of trouble. But others have darker, more sinister ideas, ones that lead to the question, "How does the Bøtha feed if its trapped?"


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You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.