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Lady Grayish's Pledge to Emerge Triumphant for Summer Camp 2021

I am coming off a long dry spell, about to start a long break from my day job, and I'm excited to write. Let's do this thing.  

The Questions

Q1. Which Project is the Worldbuilding Tied To?
  I'm planning on taking advantage of Camp NaNoWriMo during July as well, writing a novella (in theory, it's going to be this one, because it really grabbed my attention). So hopefully a few of the prompts will help me out with elements related to that. Barring that, the plan is to just flesh out the setting for a novel.  
Q2. Which World Will I Be Working On?
  The world I'm going to be building is the one I'm putting this article in: Thaiterra. I might dabble in a few other worlds if a prompt seems particularly well suited, but for the most part I plan to develop this world and flesh it out even more as I explore it. The plot of the first novel in the series still eludes me, which I know sounds odd but there are crucial details I can't pin down, so hopefully adding a little more color to the world will help me find those details.  
Q3. Which Area of the World Will I Be Working On?
  Again, I'm open to wandering off if a prompt seems perfect for something else, but my main focus will be on Tholaren Dome, and possibly the nearby Dheizei as they will likely have a presence in the first novel. I really want to establish the Dome well in my mind, to make it easier to write this novel.  
Q4. How Much Am I Aiming to Complete?
  Diamond!! I have no work scheduled, minimal social events, and after a five month dry spell I finally feel the creative juices starting to flow. Barring unexpected disaster, I should be able to complete the 31 prompts and more.
Q5. When Will I Write?
  Probably in the evening. Read the prompts in the morning, or at least try to start thinking about the articles I want to write, and let them germinate as I go about my day. And then knock out as much as I can after dinner. That seems to be a good time for me to really settle in and write. This may change if I end up with more of a work schedule during July than I anticipate.  
Q6. Who Is My Support Network?
  My boyfriend, who is also a writer. I'm going to throw so many ideas at him. Also my parents and brother, there for moral support.    

Organizing My Worldbuilding

  Proof that I do have a system to organize my articles! (Even if I don't always remember to use it.)  


Someday I hope to make my World Anvil pages look really good and transform them into resources that my readers can use. For now, this is not something I am good at, nor is it something that I really want to spend a lot of time on just yet. So this section is going to be a bit sparse since I intend to focus more on honing my writing, and then come back later and make it look better.   For now, I have this pinterest board that I use as a source for image inspiration. (My favorite section is the storms)   For characters and landscape images, if the need arises, I will probably use Artbreeder to quickly pop out the ones that I need.   As for maps, I have basic ones covering the areas I plan to work on. Again, this is not my strong suit (and also I plan on waiting for Project Deios to be available before I buy any software so the free stuff available is rather limiting). But I made this map as a rough interpretation of the centralized area that I will be working on. I'm particularly proud of the links that lead to the larger maps and then back down again. (Thanks, World Anvil!)  
Arthanion Sector
An exceptionally rough image of an approximation of the Arthanion Sector.   (It took me five minutes to figure out how to delete objects. This is good enough for my current skill level.)

Design Factors

    Again, I'm not much for design. I did make this Standard Article Layout Guide but it's pretty basic. If I do anything extra this month, that's probably where I'll focus.   I might also take the preset theme that I've been using and play around with it a little. And by play I mean carefully adjust with all caution because I will need to learn what I'm doing.    

Article Release Plan

  1. Quick proofread the article, and check the formatting in the view mode. Read it out loud if I have the time, to check that it sounds good.
  2. Link on social media if it's a good article (Twitter:
      A quick check that you’ve formatted your article clearly Your social media accounts, with hashtags you should use (#WASummerCamp and #worldbuilding should be in there!) Your chosen subreddits and/or facebook groups The World Anvil Discord, in chapters or appropriate channels


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Jun 13, 2021 05:16 by Pax Sequoia

Awesome goals! Let's go, Diamond! I wish that I had your flexibility on time. I love that you're using this to write for your novella. Best of luck!

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Jun 13, 2021 18:34 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Good luck! It's always lovely to come back to being creative after a dry spell! :)

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Jun 13, 2021 21:59 by Gamez (Dan)

Good Luck! And a Great article. Simple and effective. Well done for setting a clearly defined remit for summer camp as this from experience really does help :-) Great to see you shooting for Diamond.   I look forward to seeing your progress in July. If you would like article reviews, inspiration or any assistance - Don't hesitate to ask... I hope to see you on Twitch I will be live every Sunday 11:30am UTC+1

Come join me every Sunday at 11:30am UTC+1 on Twitch  

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Jun 14, 2021 03:39 by Sailing Ocelot

Ahh, I forgot about CampNano! That's a very good idea to combine the two events. I hope you reach your Diamond goal and it seems like Summercamp is good timing with no work scheduled. Best of luck!

~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot
Jun 23, 2021 06:44 by Lauren

That map looks awesome! Good luck with summer camp! :D

"If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting the rest of our lives." -Lemony Snicket
Jun 30, 2021 22:29 by H. C. Sweeten

Nice article! I like your color scheme!