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Before WorldEmber: Pledge

WorldEmber 2020: Prep One and Prep Three

I participated last year WorldEmber, which it was interesting like Summer Camp was. However, I only managed to get quarter of the goal, which is sad :(

So, in WorldEmber 2020, I need to focus more.

By extending from existed or completly new articles, my plan is to write more nations and cultures of Terraloga, in order to progress the story to the next act.

Journey to the WorldEmber 2020
Generic article | Jun 9, 2021

What I want to focus

The Plot

After small crime of attempting to steal the royal asset, Conquest with Stability, which was related to their alliance Irgia Republic, the empire started to be untrustworthy. How did they do to get rid of them the before the secret of the stone was more leaked?

The Catastropium

I'd like to expand how this magical material affect culture and technology of Valonian. How its extracted without any notice, as well as royal family trying to keep it secret from the public.

Nation of Iron

Related to the plot, I'm going to write more about Ohugas and its kingdom. I like the concept so much I want to expend it more. Why they became with the old, fallen empire? What do they do afterward?

Lastly, why not Irgia? Let you guess for now.


I need to extand the dominant religion in Valonia, Luumism. How does it works? What's its tenet of faith? How did it spreaded to other regions despite the holy city being located in the middle of jungle?

For me, these are the hardest to answer.

Ohugas' City Map

Articles I'd like to focus

I may create a dozen more then I initiated, but for my minimum articles, all these below should be published.

Main Goals

  • Achieving 10k words count - DONE!
  • More sketches upon release
  • One well-made article
  • Better English, maybe
  • Arts, Sketches, Concepts


    by Adcheryl

    Handgun concent I used in previous homework. Thank you Jakob Bolt for inspiration!

    Other Arts

    Optional Goals

    On Confederate States of Earth (C.S.E.)

    Last year I said I'd focus on that world, but eventually turned out it be the opposite. So I think I'll do it when I'm pleased with Terraloga. My plan is to distrill and lay down the world's foundation as I describe on the homepage.

    The Old, New World

    If you look at my profile characters, you would see one of mine named H.A.N.K. He comes from storyboard I drew, setting in the fictoinal present-day, a long time ago before Terraloga was a thing. Five years has passed and I still can't get it right.

    So in this year WorldEmber, I hope I would lay down some groundwork which includes:

  • 3 plots
  • 2 main characters
  • 2 inventions
  • 1 city
  • prototype.png
    by Adcheryl

    Volunteer Job

    This is my collaboration with my brother to create the world for his first game. He have a lot of ideas to begin with, so I asked him to use them for the competition - and he agreed!



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    12 Nov, 2020 15:54

    Good luck! You've got this :D

    Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
    12 Nov, 2020 15:58

    Thank you! :3

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