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Journey to the WorldEmber 2020

December will be better, I guess.

Welcome to my WorldEmber progress journal!
This place is a portal to all articles written during the event, including my homeworks and news.


Plan for Success

Before WorldEmber: Plan for Success
Generic article | Dec 2, 2020

25/12/2020 - 10k words goal completed!
That's crazy thing I've never done before. Thank you so much everyone for supporting me!


Words on achieving
Articles on achieving
Total words
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My 2019 participation:

Being Confident in WorldEmber 2019
Generic article | Jan 1, 2021

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Articles under Journey to the WorldEmber 2020


Author's Notes

if you notice something wrong, don't worry, I just accidently demoted my membership, causing the entire list to disappear D:
25/2/21 - I'm back! :D but with the cost of rewriting D:

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Rafael Martin
28 Dec, 2020 17:33

WOW you were so productive this month! I really like your before & after comparison! The worlds main page is really pretty. I love all the catergoy icons!

29 Dec, 2020 13:33

Thank you!! :D

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