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The Wesspass Commerce Protectorate is a smaller island nation that derives it's culture and society out of many shipwrecked and stranded souls from the doldrums just to it's north. Most people reference the nation as simply Wesspass. It is mainly made up of three major cities, the northern harbor city of Anchor, the eastern canal city aptly named Wesspass, and the western canal city of Fortune's Gate.  
Tempest Nations
Map of the current state of the nations of Tempest, as of 1384 AoS
  It is a nation of heavy trade, magical engineering, and the purest form of greed. The society revolves around it's central feature of the approximately 230 mile canal in the middle of the island that the nation inhabits. A good number of sailors get stranded each year in the northern city of Anchor and end up having to pay the exorbitant fees to gain passage through the canal. The canal was originally created by mages and machines that dug a massive trench through the middle of the island, in doing so upset natural balance of the island. To maintain the canal the nation must regularly burn back the jungle to the south of the canal, this they call the Fireline.   The government consists of the Grand Protector who is in charge of the overall security and protection of the nation and the Council of Traders. The Council of Traders, most commonly referred to as simply the lockmasters, is comprised of six individuals that each control an aspect of the nation. Three of the council holds sway over the three major cities, and the other three hold power on outposts or strongholds along canal. Each of these strongholds is responsible for maintaining the Fireline.   It is also well known that it is very dangerous to sail south around the rest of the island. There are numerous tales of hydras being seen in the jungles to the south, an angry volcano god that spews fiery lava down into the sea, dragon turtles that seem to have a nesting ground in the area, and least of all the scavengers or pirates that lurk in the south.
Geopolitical, Country

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