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Darzz't Tyranny (dar-zzit)

A truly evil society coming about out of the subjugation of the wood elves and dwarves by drow and duergar from the mountain regions of the nation.  Some say the nation is ran by a demon, but other just think that is a front for another organization or country such as the Obsidian Assembly.  The nation is near the northern center of the continent of Melstrom.   That nation has it origins in the Kingdom of Blackstone.  The Kingdom of Blackstone existed in the mountains before being over ran by the Duergar and Drow in late 945 AoS.  Soon after, the coastlines to the west that were forested and home to a large number of wood elves quickly fell under the Tyranny's control in 947 AoS.  The Duergar and Drow started harvesting the forest for its resources without any regard to the balance or replenishment of nature.  Over the next one hundred years or so the forests were expunged from the land leaving a barren moss filled wasteland of dead tree stumps and burned earth.   In 1176 AoS, the Elves of the Althemus Warden pushed the Tyranny back to roughly their current borders.  Tensions are consistently high between the Althemus Warden and the Tyranny, but an uneasy peace has been struck between the two nations.  No evidence of a treaty between the nations exists, some scholars suggest that each side simply accepted a stalemate for the time being.   On the other side of the diplomatic coin, the Tyranny is known to have very good relations with the Obsidian Assembly.  To the extent that there is clear evidence that the Tyranny has hired the Phantom Company to kill high ranking officials of the Althemus Warden and some well known chieftains of the Grimskab Horde.
Geopolitical, Country

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