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The strange creation and playground of the many deities, Tempest is a world of turmoil and strife, life and death, light and dark. It is more than just a planet, it is also the center of the know universe where all of planes connect to.   The planet itself is a massive world, with four times the surface area of the earth and a large continent Pangea like continent at the heart of it all. Orbiting a binary star system, the sky is typically a beautiful blueish violet topped with a moon that appears twice as large as Earth's moon. But don't be fooled by the beauty, Tempest is a savage world full of massive empires and endless wastelands. Countless adventures await within her bounds!
 To the right is the map of the 
overall globe of Tempest.
Overall the world is ruled by two main essences, scale and control. The former is apparent in it's size with deserts, oceans, and rain forests that stretch on for thousands of miles. Where as control is apparent in The Conduit and Avangard's firm grasp over the crystals used to enchant magic items within the world.   It is the main game world for all of my personal Dungeon and Dragons games that I DM.
 Below is the map depicting all of the 
major nations of Tempest circa 1384 AoS.
Tempest Nations
Map of the current state of the nations of Tempest, as of 1384 AoS