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Kingdom of Ruvrock (roov-rock)

One of the last two Dwarven kingdoms, it stands a true beacon of Dwarven ingenuity and perseverance.  The kingdom has slowly expanded from the southern most tips of the Hectian Mountain Range north through the mountains and eventually adventuring out of the mountains to establish trade routes globally using Falls Reach and Riverbend as trade hubs. With the establishment of Riverbend on the south western coast of Hectara in 865 AoS, it allowed the kingdom to join the commerce along the eastern coast of Melstrom.   The kingdom is at constant odds with the Havani Ascendency in a cold war over territory within and outside of the Hectian Mountains.   It also maintains knowledge of previous ages technology that they only use in the Molten Platform.   Known cities:


The political structure is build around the King, which is appointed by the prince electors at the time of the previous kings death. The potential candidates are all dwarves from the nobility of Ruvrock.


  • South Eastern Hectara
    This map shows the South Eastern portion of the continent, Hectara. The main portion of this map shows the extent of the Kingdom of Ruvrock.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
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