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Obsidian Assembly

A mostly mountainous nation in the northeast portion of Melstrom.  It is primarily known as the only nation explicitly controlled by vampires, twelve covens to be more exact.  The strongholds within the mountains have made any attempt at eradicating the nation neigh impossible, many have tried including the Grimskab Horde and the Kingdom of Saral to the north.    The Obsidian Assembly is also know world wide for a particular group of assassins that are allowed to exist within the nation, the Phantom Company.  It is a guild of assassins that are very well trained in the dark arts and stalking their marks. Many suspect the guild is directly funded and one of the main sources of income for the entire Obsidian Assembly.
The assembly is made up of twelve covens:
  • Arnica Coven
  • Cardo Coven
  • Celandine Coven
  • Larkspur Coven
  • Marshcalla Coven
  • Moonflower Coven
  • Nightshade Coven
  • Oleander Coven
  • Pinyang Coven
  • Savi Coven
  • Snakeroot Coven
  • Wolfsbane Coven
Geopolitical, Country

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