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Havani Ascendancy (ha-vaugn-ie)

A large nation that is ruled over by an organization of Zealot Minotaurs. While the nation as a whole handles itself very diplomatically upright there are many that beleive the motives and presence behind the nation is pure evil. The main population within the forest, jungle, and mountainous regions of the nation are minotaur with some humans and drow mixed in. The savanna in the southern region is mainly populated by gnolls and leonin, both are subjugated by small cells of zealot minotaurs.   Slavery is legal and openly practiced in the nation as well as other brutally oppressive laws that keep the zealots in power.   Diplomatically while they haven't been at war in centuries, there is a long running cold war between them and the Kingdom of Ruvrock. They consistently push their boarders south and through the mountains, typically tunneling expanding their mountain strongholds with tunneling worms tamed by the drow.
Geopolitical, Country

Peace, Cold War

Not having open war since the late 900s AoS, Ruvrock and the Havani Ascendancy are getting close to a tipping point between the two nations.

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