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TeVat (te-vat)

A small nation on the south western coast of Melstrom . It is primarily populated by Aasimar and almost uniformly followers of Boldrei. They are tolerant of all peoples and cultures, trading opening with anyone they can. As natural traders they have grown willing to help anyone in need to build foundations of trust. As such they can be typically be seen at the seat of local diplomatic relations as arbiters. The nation is a powerful regional nation but most of their power is fed by that of Avangard and the relationship it has with the small island nation.   The capital city, Col, is located at the head of navigation of the River Alb. It is the seat of government and an ideal location given that the majority of the nation is desert as it sits in the rain shadow of the Spine of the World mountain range. The silt of the River Alb is highly fertile and provides two of the three mains sources of goods for trade, reeds and corn. The reeds are processed down into paper and scrolls. The third main export is gold that is found further into the steppes along the River Alb.   The culture has two main driving factors, the first is the importance of dancing. For the TeVatians dance is the only true way to express emotion but as such they also hold it sacred. This leads them only dancing for special events or when an emotion becomes overwhelming. In such circumstances where the emotion becomes overwhelming, the individual might shame their family.  
If you ever see a TeVatian dancing you will learn what either true happiness or true sadness is, but likely you won't know which it is.     Mythanthar Sinthera, Conduit Scholar
  The second main factor is its capturing of elementals in crystals grown and modified from the Endless Dungeon. Yearly, there are bands of elemental raiders that go into the elemental planes to capture new elementals. These elementals are used to breed with the existing captured elementals in elemental farms out in the deserts to supplement the reliance on these elementals in their everyday culture. As for uses, with the use of fire elementals, the TeVatians have become master jewelers and metal workers. Air, Water, and earth elementals are typically used to help with their agriculture, providing irrigation or pollination for the crops. All four are utilized in some form or fashion for transportation within the nation.   These elemental raiders have lead to a caste of society known as tamers that are revered and sought after for their abilities to work with these elementals and tame them. Most of these tamers have knowledge of the elemental parts of the weave or have a natural gift in magic.


The nation is ruled by five individuals that are elected by the other four. Four of the five members serve eight year terms, one position every two years.
The Seer
One of the most influential individuals on the small council. They are responsible for the direction of the nation including diplomacy, law proclamations, and the morality of the nation. To become a seer you must undergo a ritual called the Sapte, where you are transformed magically to possess seven eyes. Not much is known on how this ritual occurs but the outcome is obvious to anyone who has met a seer. The position is elected in a special election by the other four after one hundred days of morning of the death of the last seer. Once elected the Seer is a lifelong term and duty to TeVat.
The Governor
The council member responsible for the infrastructure and overall interior functions of the government of TeVat.
The Magistrate
The council member responsible for enforcement of the laws of the nation and interior peace.
The Aerarii 'air-arei-i'
The council member responsible for the economy, banks, and trade within and outside of the nation
The Strategos
The council member responsible for the military and typically the least respected member of the council.
Geopolitical, Country

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