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Free City of Mysterium

One of the nineteen free cities in the Free City Alliance, the Free City of Mysterium is one of the world's strangest cities. At its heart there is a series of metal cable rings that are suspended freely in the air over marshy inlet into the Ocean of Loneliness. Attached to these metal cable rings are wiry structures, domes, pyramids, spheres, cones, and cylinders that are built off of each ring in any direction. Each structure then typically dips down into the murky water each with their own platform just above the water's surface. Other large floating structures are also anchored to the ring. A larger ring outlines the entire city, suspends a wall from the cable, protecting the inner city's water and structures. From the outside the city seems sunken into the marsh around it, the waters inside residing about 20 feet lower than the surrounding area.  
We believe the rings (of Mysterium) were enchanted by mages in the early era of the current age, most scholars believe they are magically enchanted with an enhanced version of the common enchantment that typically produces an immovable rod. The exact spell seems to be lost time however.   Mythanthar Sinthera, Conduit Scholar

Getting to and around the City

Travel around the city is done via gondola to each structure's platform. The ferrymen, mechanical men programmed with a single purpose manning these gondolas slowly row anyone around. The service is free to anyone who has gained access to the city. Access to the city is restricted and managed by the council. Typically, it is a small fee to enter and exit the city. There have been times this cost has drastically increased with threats to the city and other natural disasters.   On any given day you can witness crazy metal flying craft that seem to be modeled after birds but with static wings. It is said these crafts come from a time long past and that only a few exist in the world. These flying machines are mainly used to fly between a few specific structures in Mysterium. Countless boats are docked in the port outside of the walls and the city has several air ports for airships and balloons along the walls.

The Scholars

The main allure of the city for many is that it is a scholar's enclave. The many libraries and niche magic houses combined rival the knowledge stored in the main library of The Conduit in Avangard. Most of the knowledge held here is typically of either a dark or mechanical nature as the council doesn't regulate the use of magic that the Conduit and many other nations do.
Large city

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16 Jan, 2022 19:45

This is a very cool city. I really like the rings and how simple spell got modified. To the ring on a big scale and now is lost to time on how that modification was made. Also, like the way you have built different forms of travel between the areas and you show some economy and history with them.

Let's have fun creating the impossible, building new worlds, and all types of possibilities. Valcin
23 Jan, 2022 21:51

Thank you for the comment! Hopefully I will actually get to adding more content from my world here now that I got the bug from WorldEmber. :D