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Mythanthar Sinthera

Mythanthar Sinthera was an elvish scholar of The Conduit in the early years of the Age of Strife. He is known as the father of research and understanding of the world of Tempest. Supposedly he lived from 484 AoS to 620 AoS, living nearly 9 years more than most elves live.  


One of the main areas of concern that Sinthera focused on was Astronomy, he worked out the structure of the cosmos and the timing of the revolutions around the binary star system as well as identified other planets within the system. He did so through a series of telescopes and observatories he had setup across Tempest.   With this he spent many years working through the creation of the Sinthera Calendar which the majority of the world uses. It is the official calendar of the Conduit and is used in any contracts the organization uses.   After he accomplished and published his calendar and works on the astronomy, he worked on understanding the phenomenon that is the planes. He spent countless years of his life making adventures into the Endless Dungeon to understand it's mysteries as well as collect crystals to help his research in other areas. Some say this is ultimately how he met his end, stuck in the Endless Dungeon when one of his experiments backfired sealing him in the demi-plane he was transported to by the Endless Dungeon.   Others still counter this notion by pointing to the last research and notes that were left behind when he disappeared. The notes talked about the cosmology of the universe, including the different planes. One of the last notes mentions the he believed what is known in the world on the planes was wrong. Some of the notes point to a region of Tempest called the Desolate. The Desolate is known as a region of the world that no one has come back from. This is where many believe Sinthera went and has never returned from.  

Magical Research

In addition to his focus on astronomy he focused the majority of his other time on researching magic and travelling the world to do this research. He would typically travel to places that had serious connections to magic, such as Free City of Mysterium. He would spend years in a location combing through any and all literature that is available at that location and then would travel out from that location on expeditions to find the truth.  
My life's work is to bring understanding to the world that we live in, exposing the lies and explaining the oddities that cause so much strife in the world.     Mythanthar Sinthera, Conduit Scholar
  Sinthera in all of his research ended up publishing many different journals and books on each of the magical entities or artifacts that he researched. These are all housed in the Conduit library in Avangard, requiring special access granded by the council. Many believe the contents could damage the position of the Conduit as a world wide exporter of crystals. Other researchers who have gained access have given accounts that much that is in his research simply has no relevance to the world as it currently exists, most of the knowledge and determinations that Sinthera made have been that the true answer is simply lost to time.  

Personal Life

Mythanthar Sinthera's personal life is fairly well known. He had a wife, Sorisana Sinthera, a great researcher in her own right. Between the two of them over the course of Sorisana's life they had seven children. Some of his children went on to sit on the Conduit's council and have a large presence within Avangard. Many elves in the city have the Sinthera family name, some legitimate and others not as much.   His parents, both adventurers and masterful mages that spent the majority of their years delving into the Endless Dungeon. Each has an impact on Mythanthar's interests and motivations. Ilmadia Sinthera, his mother, was a sorcerer of great renown that has been recorded as saying that her power came from the stars, which lead to his interest in astronomy. His father, Samblar Sinthera, was an enchanter of fairly great renown on his own. Many magical items and processes for enchanting can be traced back to Samblar.

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