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Althemus Warden

One of the several great Elven nations of the world, having history that goes back to the dawn of the Age of Strife. Forming in the source of the Great River, they formed a large society of disparate villages in the jungles surrounding the source. Overtime they expanded their population and dominance over the valley.  It was mainly peaceful times in the beginning, or so their history states.  The elves at the start of the age were quick to learn magic and understand the weave, the other races were slow to pick up the use of magic taking centuries to do so.  As the other races grew and formed better societies in the world, the elves were peacefully united and content within their villages.   Eventually this changed and they turned their pursuits to mastering warfare after being pushed back by the Stonemane Pride in 794 AoS and a second time by the Darzz't Tyranny in 947 AoS.  They have become master warriors that few rival at the same scale.  Years of warfare with the Stonemane Pride and the Darzz't Tyranny have seen their territory grow spreading their forces ever thinner. Many scholars believe this is why they haven't continued to fully subjugate the Stonemane Pride or eradicate the Darzz't Tyranny.
Geopolitical, Country

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