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Kir Vallen

City of Swords

  Kir Vallen is one of the most ancient cities in the known world. Most of humanity began their trek from here to reach other lands and islands of the world after they were freed from the grasps of their cruel slavemasters, the Yuan-Ti. The ever-growing expansionism has however bound back to Kir Vallen, which has now grown to be a near-metropolis and to cover most of the southern Phorex Isles. Three high, sword-like buildings known as Skyspires reach through the clouds from the city. A sign of freedom, and a reminder for the cost of freedom built long ago by the first free men. The current state of the city might, however, be spitting in the image first thought by the free men. Kir Vallen consumes much of its surroundings, including the savage people that have decided to honor traditionalist ways ancient to those born on Phorex Isles. All are free to walk through Kir Vallen's gates, even most tribes and druids, but those who try to deny Kir Vallen its growth often end up in one of many mines beneath the Hollow Giants, or as "products" to be sold forward by the Golden Company. While some tribes are welcome, this invite does not spread to all of them. Ghermygg's Claws are infamous in the city, hunted and captured on sight after many sabotages and raids they have commensed to the districts closest to the western wall of Kir Vallen. Through this slavery and use of its enemies, Kir Vallen's power seems unmatched by any other organization or being in Phorex Isles.


Most of sophisticated races can be found in Kir Vallen, even if humans are most common sight in the City of Swords. Some more beastial races and goblins may be found as slaves.

Guilds and Factions

Golden Company

An outside influence, the Golden Company are known in Phorex Isles for their ruthless approach in taming the wilds. Kir Vallen's Emperor has been hell-bent on conquering and "taming" the Monarch Jungles and the Golden Company seem to be his main way of doing so. The Golden Company deal in slave-trade, metals and mercenaries and have a cold saying of "If you can break it, it was not from the Golden Company". Representing the company's local interests is an old man and a veteran of many campaigns named G.B Crowner. Although rarely deviating from the Path of Swords, some of Golden Company's liutenants are more reachable. Bozunn, a small svirfneblin mostly covered in colorful garments is commonly overlooking slave-trade and transport near Kir Vallen's docks, while some rumors suggest that a violent dwarf named "Ringleader Black" acts for the company as well.


Kir Vallen's architecture is as vibrant as it is grandiose. Most buildings created by the ancient Yuan-Ti have been torn down and destroyed, with couple exceptions that stood to serve as an example of what humans would try to accomplish for centuries to come. Gigantic buildings of white marble, soft-grey granite and dark-red clay roofings dominate central districts of Kir Vallen, while most common living quarters in western Kir Vallen consist of amber-colored wood and hardened tatch roofs.


  • Kir Vallen
    The city of first free men, pried from the grasp of an ancient Yuan-Ti empire. This exotic city is tanned in colour with plenty of whites and golds present at its various street corners. Currently living largely against their ideals, the challenging environment of hostile wildlife in Phorex Isles has forced the hand of Kir Vallen to slavery as they enslave local tribalists and those deemed their enemies to work in spreading more and more Kir Vallen and its influence towards the Monarch Jungle.

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