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Kiraan Mog (Ki-raan Mog)


"32 cases, from which only 7 have possessed radical anomalies..." - Kiraan Mog, writing on his victims.
    A mystical figure from far-east, a traveller named Kiraan Mog ended lives of at least 32 people as part of his sick and deluded research in Kir Vallen. Kiraan's research focused around researching the change of physiology upon expiration of a corpse, and trying to determine a persons calling in afterlife through that. Specifically, Kiraan was interested in the decay of eyes and any signs revealed through them. (Art: Grigori Rasputin from Hellboy comics)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Kiraan seemed to be in peak physical condition, showing both great strength and agility.

Facial Features

Kiraan had sunken, lazy eyes and a triangular nose. He had tightly pressed lips and a rather large forehead.

Apparel & Accessories

Most often Kiraan would've been seen in a slightly torn monks robes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Little is known about the history of the mysterious monk. Kiraan referred in a tome of his to have "had a different name before, in his earlier life to the East".


All in all, Kiraan clearly seemed to possess a twisted, but an intellect mind. However deranged he was, the man seemed to be highly trained in some level of anatomy and maybe even engineering.

Accomplishments & Achievements

On 7.7.708 Kiraan Mog was arrested. Upon his arrest, it became evident that he was a murderer responsible for taking the life of 32 people over the years in Kir Vallen.
Lawful Evil
Current Status
Imprisoned by the Raptor Guard
Current Location
Date of Death
5th of Decentia, 708
Circumstances of Death
Hanged to death for his crimes after being caught by the Ferocious Chimera.
Place of Death
Kir Vallen
Dark Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Known Languages
Kiraan spoke Common to his captors

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