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The Carnipot

Vine art on article background by Valadzionak_volha
As you walk in the narrow, greenery-filled alleyways of the Greenstreets a scent catches your nose. A scent of exotic spices and meat. You see how a flock of smaller, leather-winged dinosaurs flap overhead in the same direction with you as you arrive to a rustic door, slightly ajar. Overhead hangs a sign, presenting a wide cauldron that has a skull of a dinosaur etched onto it. Beneath the sign there is an inscription: "The Carnipot"
A building formerly known as a tannery, until it was bought by one Lamont Tyrell. Soon, as the great city of Kir Vallen expanded, this before-distant tannery found itself at the center of one of the fastest expanding districts of the city. Carnipot has a cozy interior with cherry wooden pillars, floorboards and slightly tanned clay walls. Respecting its past as well as its peculiar menu, different dinosaur skins and scales are presented on the tavern walls. On top of a large fireplace there looms a skull rumored to belong to a fierce tyrannosaurus rex - One hunted by the proprietor himself!


Carnipot resides at a crossroads in the Greenstreets - a network of alleyways, small streets and paths in eastern Kir Vallen. Crossroads surrounding the Carnipot are always illuminated by the amber-like glow of several lanterns and the smell of delicious meals reaches far in the busy streets. Inside, the smell of roasted meat and strong spices are usually met with the heavy sweat of its patrons as the Carnipots clientele forms heavily out of laborers, workers and artisans. Being the closest restaurant to the now-infamous Eastern Wall, even the Raptor Guard stop in from time to time.
Even if they have a lack of rooms for rent, an open-minded individual can always find interesting contacts and people in the Carnipot. Was it hunters or explorers about to cross the Eastern Wall, or some ne'er-do-wells spreading gossip, Carnipot serves as both an excellent place for a warm borth and as a treasure trove of latest information around the powerplays in the Dragani Empire.

Eating the thickest meals in Kir Vallen
Visiting the nearby "Blushing Tiger" - brothel
Fishing for rumors and looking for jobs
Listen to the local bards and their instruments!

Purpose / Function

Carnipot is the only proper tavern to serve the hungry denizens of the Greenstreets in Kir Vallen. Known for its thick meals served in one, large standing table, the Carnipot serves all who enter through its doors. Was it a member of the Raptor Guard or a street urchin, they can fill their bellies here with the beefy meals offered by the taverns cook, chef and owner, Lamont Tyrell.

The Man behind the Pot

Bellowing laugh and a rough grunt are the most usual responses people of Greenstreets receive from Lamont Tyrell. Yet, behind these crude communications and the rough outlook of the man lies a heart that cares and an ear that listens. As shown by acts of kindness such as the tradition of tail-dropping in dishes of the Carnipot, Lamont recognises the need for a meeting place and a hearth of warmth to the mean roads of the Greenstreets. Although seemingly a simple bartender and a chef living out his passion, Lamont is very much the central pillar of the common people of Kir Vallen.

Lamont Tyrell via Heroforge by Hiisikuningas


The Regular Chimeras

As of late, the Carnipot has become a regular location for a group of misfits and nobodies called The Ferocious Chimera. Even as the group has caused miniscule damage to the taverns decor, Tyrell seems to appreciate their presence and the reputation the group has brought after arresting the dangerous serial killer known as Kiraan Mog. Whenever the Chimeras are around the tavern, they bring forth a certain air of unease ever since they knocked a working man unconcious for mocking them with their mockery title: "The Wobbling Chimera".


The tavern originally began its existance by the name of "Chowpot", which was one of the local specialities served by Tyrell. However, as years passed on and as Tyrell accumulated more and more experience, The Chowpot eventually was overcome with change. As workers were laid off until only Tyrell himself remained. The tavern changed its method of business from serving ordered food to that of a standing table throughout the day.
Tyrell is rumored to be dedicated to his craft on such a level, that he basically lives in the Carnipot. When customers and the lights of the tavern are out, Tyrell is said to begin the careful cooking and seasoning of the next days menu.

Tyrannosoup - The King of Soups!

Hanging over the fireplace is a gargantuan skull, installed to the brick-work of the tavern hearths chimney. This is said to have been the kill that made Tyrell a legend in his younger years. Always seeking fresh meat for his own restaurant, Tyrell as a spry young man hunted down one of the kings of Monarch Jungle themselves - A giant tyrannosaurus rex, said to dwarf others of its kind. As Tyrell dragged its body back into city, the name of "Chowpot" quickly became history as it mainly served the now-famous "King's Dish" for three weeks to come!

However, there is a darker and a slightly more embarrassing side to this wild story as well: Long-term friends of Tyrell claim that the king of Monarch Jungle had a baby hiding deep in near shrubbery as they slew its parent - And that Tyrell is in truth terrified of the jungle because that juvenile tyrannosaurus has over the years grown into a full adult, would smell the sweat of the man who slew its parent and seek out bloody revenge. It does not help the rumor from Tyrell's side that he gave up hunting instantly after his success with the tyrannosaurus rex.


The Carnipot recognises its speciality and focuses purely on its delicious dishes and on its warm, welcoming atmosphere. Most of the Carnipot is taken by a large dining hall with a small stand near the entrance of the building. In this wide, flushed room there is a standing table, a small counter, behind which the Carnipots owner Lamont Tyrell can most often be seen and a large, warm fireplace. Most of Carnipot's building is constructed out of cherry - tinted wood with a strong stone foundation and cinnamon-shaded clay walls.

Excuse me, there is a tail in my soup?

Tail-dropping has been an old tradition in the Carnipot. Back when its menu was much more simple and one-sided, when wood was still ordered rather than picked up from the standing table, Tyrell introduced a fun little game to the tavern by leaving "at least one" tail per week to food that was being served. This tail has traditionally been the tip of a velociraptor tail. A client who receives the tail can eat and drink as much as they want, but only during that single visit. A true philantropist, Tyrell has been known from time to time to manipulate the dishes so that when a poor or a homeless person eats at the Carnipot, they are more likely to receive a tail than the other clients.

Scavenger Issues

As there are rarely any leftovers, this is an uncommon issue at the Carnipot, but many neighbors have made complaints to the Raptor Guard of smaller dinosaurs and scavenger-type animals of stalking the streets around the tavern. At least until now, Lamont Tyrell has not made any official recognitions of this issue and there have been no scavengers, was it rats or others seen inside of the tavern. It seems like these issues are to remain as rumors.

Combined materials of Carnipots logo

Carnipot Logo by and Muhnafauls

As you step inside, the hearty music of local bards fill the chambers - Dazar'Alor Bazar by David Arkenstone/ Blizzard Entertainment.
Carnipot Menu by Hiisikuningas
Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Chowpot [Old name]
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

Representative map of Carnipot by Dungeon Fog

As you walk into the halls, laced with the scent of mouth-watering food, you overhear a conversation held between three friends: Rahq, a member of the Raptor Guard, Juffe, a miner and Lavan, a merchant.
R: "Best part of the day... Check your soups for tails, boys!"
J: "None here..."
L: "And none here, I'm thinkin' you won't find one either, Rahq. Another rag-tag got the tail just two days ago."
R: "Blast! You'd think old Lamont had respect for the working men, not those bums."
L: "Come now and stuff your mouth before that talks gets you into trouble - Wearin' your uniform still and barkin' like that... Juffe, how's your back, old mate?"
J: "'s sure better now tha' those vurmint gobs are doin' the heavy liftin' for us."
R: "Good an' proper - Oughta have them chained in there with the rest of the cannibals, not paying them!"
L: "Rahq! For the last time... Not to pick sides in the matter, but Rahq does have a point. The goblins actually -work- with you?"
J: "I mean - 'tis the foremen's money they're nabbin', not mine. Just glad they be sparin' me back!"
Hail to the Monarch

Beasts of yore, deep beyond the shores./
Claws sharper than panthers, scales thicker than a croc,/
teeth like spears, eyes to track their scores!/
In Monarch Jungle, no-one travels outside the flock! /

  Beware of the raptors, where there is one there are more!/
Beware of the triceratops, see their pup and get ready to run!/
Beware of the allosaur, or there will be gore!/
Beware of the ankylosaur, that tail does more than stun!/

  Roar echoes from Giants to Sister Island/
of the good old king, you see!/
Deep in jungles are rules, territories and/
the only punishment is a death, guaranteed!/

Beware of the hulking body, stronger than gorilla!/
Beware of the toothy maw, gluttonous to no bounds!/
Beware of the hooked claws, leaving behind not a scintilla!/
Beware of the Monarch, for he is more terrifying than he sounds!
Workman's Friend - Salamander Soup
2 cups of mashed tomatoes
8 slices of parasaur flank (if missing, use bacon strips instead)
1/2 Hiljratian Multipaprika (if missing, use common red paprika instead)
1 cup of red lentils
1 cup of water/if available, vegetable broth
1/2 cup of your choice: cream, cream cheese or butter cheese

Seasoning (Season to your personal tastes)
Black pepper

1. Rinse the lentils carefully until you can pour water through them without the water turning cloudy.
2. Cook the lentils for an quarter-hour.
3. Fry your parasaur slices until nice and crisp.
4. Crush your fried out parasaur slices to smaller bits.
5. Add everything into a single pot (The same pot used to cook the lentils)
6. Bring to a boil and enjoy - Add parsley leaves at the very end to the soups surface for a nice detail!
Ps. A hot tip from Lamont Tyrell: Scraping off the leftovers of the dish with white bread can be an especially delicious desert!

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Mar 16, 2022 23:55

There's so many great little details to this! First off, the cover art is awesome. I also really appreciate the recipe—it just adds this extra level of detail. And there are a lot of things to work with for a dnd party, even if they're just stopping here kind of in-between missions (it seems like that's kinda what you're going for with the tavern).

Mar 17, 2022 08:25 by Mikael Jokela

I am indeed! This tavern began as the players were "choosing" their usual hangout in Kir Vallen and they chose the Carnipot. At the beginning I only had the visuals of the owner planned and the general feeling of the tavern, but this Challenge gave me the perfect excuse to work out a little more magic, ambience and detail into the whole place!

Mar 17, 2022 12:49 by Darren McHaffie

Enjoyed the read. Nothing worse than finding a tail in your soup though.

Mar 17, 2022 16:13 by Mikael Jokela

The initial moment of discovery or even munching on a tail might be a nasty feeling, but directly afterwards when you look at all of the cuisines and dishes and realise that it is a free-grab for you... People rarely complain!

Mar 17, 2022 15:46

This is incredible. All the small details made this really draw me in and want to read more. I feel your details, such as including a name that the tavern was called in the past, really set in how important this location was. Standing the test of time. Using hero forge to represent a character is a beautiful idea I have not thought about. To that, your detailed description of not only the menu, but how to prepare some dishes is great! Maybe I will get around to trying to make "Workman's Friend - Salamander Soup" myself, since, there are alternatives for items i'm not sure i'd come across already listed. Also, this may be my personal taste, however one of the things that drew me in almost right away was the header font, I'm not sure if I can explain why exactly, but it portrays exactly what I would expect from a "jungle aesthetic/dinosaur-themed tavern"

Mar 17, 2022 16:14 by Mikael Jokela

I really suggest the soup! One of our favorites and it is incredibly easy and versatile to make. You can leave some ingredients out and add others of your personal tastes and it is a pretty solid meal, still! Thank you for your kind words, friend!

Mar 17, 2022 20:55 by Michael Chandra

Dinosaur dishes!!! \o/   I was wondering if there were enough seats if it's the only place around, but I checked the map in detail and 40 seats sounds like a good amount. Nice article!

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Mar 17, 2022 21:07 by Mikael Jokela

Woah! You did a more insightful check than I did as I created this! Thank you for the comment!

Mar 18, 2022 22:38 by Michael Chandra

I miscounted. 42. 48 even if you sit with 3 people on a bench.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
Mar 20, 2022 05:49 by Scott Stokes

I love how much detail is here. Loved the Tail in the Soup, it will really create memories for the PCs when they get one. The Heroforge image was a nice touch as was the chalkboard.

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Mar 22, 2022 17:22 by Mikael Jokela

Thank you Scott! The PC's have not -yet- gained a Tail in the Soup, but they will in the future once they come back from an expedition to the jungles! [And for you pesky Players of my group reading this: No tails for you!]

Mar 22, 2022 16:47

Lovely article! The very first quote is absolutely wonderful and sets the mood right away. The article also looks beautiful, and the pictures feel very well thought out.   I especially liked the description of the owner and the part of the hunting the t-rex, even if the part of the owner dragging an enormous t-rex body was feeling bit unrealistic, but I am sure that there is good explanation of how he did it. The part of the t-rex offspring was a nice add, as I like how it brought up the issue that hunting the t-rex could be considered as an evil deed. Predators are not in my mind evil by their nature but just following their instincts, so killing them is not getting rid of evil.   The part of the tail in the soup was also wonderful add as it brought up a lovely custom and underlines the kindness of the owner. I also especially liked the conversation and the recipe in the sidebar. The alternative ingredients in the recipe were a nice touch and made it feel real and practical.   I really enjoyed reading the article, so great job!

Mar 22, 2022 17:20 by Mikael Jokela

Thank you for the kind words! I did not mean the dragging as a literal term, but as a figuritive term that his hunting party brought it back but can now see how it can be misinterpreted! Will fix it in a jiffy!

Mar 23, 2022 13:01

Great Job! You have a lot of little details through out the article that really bring the article to life. I liked the bit about tail dropping.   How long has the Carnipot been a tavern? I ask because typically a tannery was located on the edge of a town or city because of the smell associated with them, but you have it now located in what seems more the heart of the city. Was the tannery abandoned as the city grew?

Feel free to stop by some of my WorldEmber articles if you want. My favorites are The Book of the Unquiet Dead, Outpost of the Moons, and The Emerald Hills. Feedback is always appreciated.
Mar 29, 2022 15:35 by Bob O'Brien

I'm not sure if I should like a place where dinosaur features prominently on the menu, but I do. Nice work!

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Mar 29, 2022 20:26 by Mikael Jokela

When considering the name of your account I think that Lamont Tyrell would be -keenly- interested in having a -meat-ing with you!