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Ferocious Chimera

"I am sure to spread the word of your deeds! What is your group called?", Ibai asked as the adventurers had freed his farmstead of the lurking raptors.
A whispered conversation was had, a conversation of frustration, creativity and laughter and in the end, nearly all hope was lost.
It was then that small Lidwina perked up: "Wait, guys! We are of many races and faces and colours, how about something related to a Chimera, you know the creature with multiple heads?"
Always equally grim and stoic Noscámayanka turned to her friends with determination, after which she turned to Ibai. "Call us Ferocious Chimera."

Public Agenda

On 16th of Cedexius 708, a party of misfits and ragtag adenturers managed to slay a pack of raptors harassing the Craving Farms. Upon completion of the task, the adventurers took a liking to each other and decided for their party to be known as the Ferocious Chimera.
On 7th of Nifant 708, the adventuring party known as "Ferocious Chimera" apprehended the dangerous serial killer Kiraan Mog successfully. Putting an end to a streak of 32 killings spread over the city of Kir Vallen in the last years.
Founding Date
Adventuring Party
Alternative Names
Wobbly Chimera (Mockery)
Training Level
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

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