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Raptor Guard

For the safety of Phorex and her Empress

  Local guardforce of Kir Vallen, the Raptor Guard are trained to perfect their fighting style together with the wild nature of Phorex Isles. Preferring the use of light and medium armor over heavy armor due to the constant heat and mobility over force, the Raptor Guard are known for their cunning tactics and use of the urban environment to increase the effectiviness of their approach.


As a militaristic guard force, the Raptor Guard is designed both for localised defence as well as peacekeeping.

Predator Captains

Most heavily equipped members of the guard, the Predator Captains often have pieces of armor and weapons made to resemble the vast wildlife of Phorex Isles. As such, they are experts on the local flora and fauna, know how to best combat any threat on any local terrain and are greatly trained in Kir Vallen's bloody history. These Predator Captains are found mainly on the Path of Swords and large-scale battlefields, or leading massive raids towards local criminal lords. Even as they are often seen as commanders, barking orders to their subservients, no-one can deny their own battle prowess or nearly beast-like ability to hunt their prey.

Crimson Officers

Known for two red strips of fabric hanging from their shoulders, the Crimson Officers are respected members of the Raptor Guard's military force and as such are rarely recognised on a common day on the streets of Kir Vallen. Mostly concentrated on larger battles and events, the Crimson Officers have last been seen during major conflicts with Ghermygg's Claws.

Scaleslayer Guards

Remaining namesake from ancient traditions of Phorexians, the Scaleslayer guards are trained in combat against beasts as well as men. They are the most common unit of the Raptor Guard seen on the streets or Kir Vallen. Donned in verdant green scale vests and crimson leather belts, anywhere else in the world these guards could be easily mistaken for mercenaries or thugs.

Hedge Scouts

Ironically the most recognised unit in Raptor Guard, from which their name derivatives, the Hedge Scouts are least in numbers and trained in combat and tracking outside of Kir Vallen's borders. These scouts often use Deinonychuses as mounts and they are responsible for tracking down dangerous criminals as well as lost civilians from the vast Monarch Jungles.


Prime belief shared around most Kir Vallen is that in order to maintain their freedom and efficiency, the rule of an Emperor or an Empress is needed. This belief has birthed in part due to the imperialistic system of the ancient yuan-ti.
The Raptor Guard share this belief and do their best in protection of the ruling class of Kir Vallen. Lately facing rivalry with the ever-growing Golden Company, the Raptor Guard has been under pressure on proving themselves time and time again as well as their usefulness. Some traditionalist phorexians believe that there should be only the Raptor Guard with no need for the Golden Company.

Public Agenda

The Raptor Guard is currently focused more vividly than ever upon the pursuit and destruction of yuan-ti as this is exactly what the Golden Company are doing to earn their presitigious fame. In addition to this, the Raptor Guard focuses its resources on tasks of missing citizens as the Golden Company is much more poorly equipped to deal with these cases.


The Raptor Guard is globally renoqned for its Hedge Scouts and their mounts and as such, during any parades they are quick to present these impressive mounts and battle-beasts publically. Mainly used for larger sieges and assaults, many of the beasts have in truth been idle and nearly forgotten as the threat of Ghermygg's Claws is mainly focused on smaller encampments in the jungle rather than great fortresses or keeps.

"Ankh Qarran, ankh Virrhen" (Phorexian; Our Empress, our Island)

Military, Army
Alternative Names
Protectors, Imperium's Guard
Training Level
Veterancy Level

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