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Mettle of the Iron Teeth

To honor the craftsmen

  Mettle of the Iron Teeth is a sacred tradition to phorexians, who lived under the cruel rule of the yuan-ti. In addition to myths about sacred beasts and god-like monstrosities clashing when the ancient empire of Phorexia fell, the slavefolk and humans themselves owe their survival to their gifted blacksmiths and swordmakers. With stolen knowledge and resources from their yuan-ti masters, these craftsmen forged their fellow slaves into an army. This army went on to defeat their masters, and the memory of this battle is still commemorated to this day with the week-long tradition of Mettle of Iron Teeth.  

Week of Celebration and Battle

  The celebration begins on Decentia, with the months first full week and spans throughout the whole week with its own activities. The main focus of the celebration: The showmanship of human blacksmiths all around the world and their best crafted blades. These blacksmiths sponsor themselves champions, who partake in various challenges throughout the week with the judges eyes overseeing the entire event.  

Setday - The Claim

  On the first day of the week, any competitors claim themselves wearing their smiths colours. The champions present their blades and are usually allowed a declaration as to why they are in the competition.    

Toilday - The Test of the Teeth

  On the second day of the week, the champions are put to the test as well as the blades of the smiths they herald. The content of this test varies from year to year, but it is usually centered around phorexian traditions and includes tests of epic clashes against dinosaurs, or battles against gladiators donning different tiers of armor to see what the blade can penetrate and what it can not.  

Forgeday - The Mettle of the Iron Teeth

  The namesake of the competition, on the third day of the week the champions clash against each other. Wearing usually thick armorsets that do not include metals, such as an armor made from bamboo or from cloths, the champions combat to see which can wound which first. Sometimes this competition is taken further, depending on the amount of champions (to see which one first scores three or five cuts etc).  

Tuneday - The Tale of the Teeth

  Phorexians understand better than anyone, that the secret behind a well crafted blade is much more than mere materials and methods used in crafting. On fourth day of the week, the smiths and their champions are challenged with immersive tales to share of the crafting of the blade and what their blades represent. How it brings forth the victory of mankind, or the downfall of yuan-ti and what personal matters the smith must've overcome in order to have the blade forged.  

Crownday - The Victory of the Freefolk

  On fifth day of the week, only one test remains which is usually a ceremonial task reserved only for those who have done exceedinly well on earlier competitions. On Crownday, a giant serpent is brought to the arena and the beast is supposed to be slain in one slash. As the champions do this, they must declare victory for mankind and to make their promise on what the blade would bring to the Dragani empire if it was chosen as the winning blade.  

Prideday - The Declaration of Victory

On the sixth day of the week, no tests remain. Only pride, like in the ancient calenders of the freefolk. The ruler of the Dragani empire declares the victor for the mettle and the many benefits and price money that come with it. The victor is celebrated throughout the empire, and they usually receive a large stock contract with the empire to forge their armies the best blades they have to offer.  

Calmday - "The drowning ' teeth"

Not an official part of the celebration, on Calmday it is tradition for taverns and pubs to offer free drinks to the craftsmen of Kir Vallen and to celebrate from the early hours of the morning to late night. All sorts of performers are found on the streets, with former victors joining pub crawls with their associated champions. During this celebration, many mock-performers present the hideous yuan-ti in poorly sewn costumes scheming on the streets and playing tag with the children. Vermint killers and serpent slayers usually work at a discount on this day, ridding the city of all sorts of scaled pests.


This celebration, celebrated annually began 33 years ago during the rule of Emperor Brais Izan Nargani the Second. The first Mettle was to celebrate phorexian identity and the cultural heritage of the Dragani empire. Later, during the rule of Empress Vicente Brais Nargani the Third the importance of the celebration has increased and it is tradition for the Empress herself to be present during the festivities.
Celebration Day
First full week of Decentia
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"Iron Teeth" was the early name used by Freefolk of their forged blades.

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