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The Skyspires

The reminders of history

"In the very heart of the Cauldron of Creation, where all civilization known to the Freefolk sprung, there are three swords. These swords point directly to the sky, and mark the land of Kir Vallen, where the foul yuan-ti were destroyed so, so many years ago. These towers, the swords, the "teeth of iron", mark not only the rulership of Dragani Empire, but as well the liberation from the chains of Freefolk's old masters." - Visitor's Guide to the Empire, written by Vartandi D. Morich
Taking great pride in their achievements in celebrations like the "Mettle of the Iron Teeth", it is no surprise that during the reign of Alain Gislain Dragani he had a marvelous set of palaces constructed. Reminiscent of three large swords pointing high and sharp to the sky, these towers are hollow and contain large halls, private quarters and treasuries. From inside of these great halls, the greater politics and plans for the entire Dragani Empire are made.

Where the swords stand, used to stand in times before the Dragani Empire the great houses and villas of House Fraengi. Emperor Dragani wanted to show his willing to change, as he expected change from others during the formation of the Empire and the Emperor and his family lived with their allies for a decade before the Skyspires were complete. As an architectural mark, the Skyspires are the most significant landmark of Kir Vallen and are recognised from the distant sea and the surrounding lands.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
"The Swords"
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Tradition, Politics
Of the symbolism of the swords  
Humans as a prideful folk take their pride from where they can. With the ancient mythological being "Ragegod" being just that, a myth, and much of humans achivements covered in myth and oral tradition from the times they were still servants of the yuan-ti, great emphasis is placed over the blades and swords that servant blacksmiths learned to smith during the Breaking of Chains war. Traditionally it is much believed that these swords and blades were the reason why humans were able to break free from the control of their masters.

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