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Colossi Primaris

Circle of Slaughter and Champions

A colossal arena, spanning incredible 300feet in radius and 80feet in height. This show of architecture is one of the few original Yuan-Ti building still preserved in Kir Vallen. To understand the reason why, one needs to simply look at it. While its uses before remain a mystery, its charismatic host of slaughter Bestia Apex has done his best for Colosssi Primaris to claim the place of the worlds most glorious and legendary arena. Not a day goes by without the Colossi Primaris having some action. Was it gladitorial combat, execution of criminals, battling dinosaurs, races, athletic competitions or even public dances, the arenas sand keeps on moving every day!


Most of the buildings original iconography and statues have been destroyed and replaced with more suitable statues and icons for its new residents. Statues of past emperors rise high over the arena walls to judge those fighting inside the arenas walls. Large chambers known as the "Underworks" have been refurnished to fit the arenas champions, criminals and beasts of all kind.


A strong mixture of sandstone is used as the foundation for all of the arenas enormous arches and thick walls. Sides mostly viewed to the public have been painted white and details and ornamentals are mostly gold or red. The arena has an open-roof with sixteen rows of benches that stretch higher to the arenas edges, while the front-row seats are lifted ten feet higher from the arena grounds.


Colossi Primaris is one of the largest attractions to draw visitors upon Phorex Isles. Many visitors come to bet on the gigantic arena and to witness their favorite bloodsports being played.
Alternative Names
Circle of Slaughter, "The Yuan-Ti place"
Parent Location

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