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Sexuality in Phorex Isles

Beauty in Variety 

  Sexuality in the land of the first free men is as diverse as its people. It is not uncommon neither in the city of Kir Vallen or in the expansive jungles of Monarch Jungle to find men who have bonded for life, or women who prefer the company of the same sex. For this reason many flock to the exotic life of Phorex Isles, where one may be themselves without judgement and with traditions to emphasise the beauty of love - in all of its forms.


Sexuality between genders

As early as their early enslavement, humans found no difficulty in expressing love in its multiple ways. Learning mainly from following their sophisticated masters, the Yuan-Ti and their traditions built around "Battle-Sisters" and "Fang-Brothers" many slaves found their death after assuming that erotic relations between these titles were meant to be a secret. After a failed blackmail attempt humans began to learn the beauty of some of the hedonistic ways of the Yuan-Ti and after they were freed from their masters, they never saw it necessary to question the things they had learned.

Culture around sexuality

Emperor or Kir Vallen is known to have many concubines of both sexes and some of the cities most influential investors and merchants often mingle between one another so that some have taken certain sexual acts as a way to celebrate, or to close off a particularly profitable deal. In the city of free men, sexuality is however before all celebrated and insulting others sexual preference or degrading it by a forced act or harassment often has lead to one being exiled from the cities social circles and far worse befitting of such a crime.

Sexuality between races

As other races arrived to Phorex Isles, it took a long time before romances between humans and non-humans were accepted. It is still frowned upon by some native phorexians who are proud of their national heritage and as such, couples of different races are slightly more rare in Phorex than elsewhere in the world. Although this merely touches those of any political power or status, as others are free of the burden of status they may seek romance where they please.
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