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Phorex Isles

Cradle of Humanity

The clear origin of humanity is still unclear to archaeologists and historians. All traces of free humans lead back to the Cauldron of Creation, and especially the Phorex Island region. As a name "Phorex Isles" often refer to both, the main island of Phroex Island and the smaller Sister Island slightly more to the west. Phorex Isles represent the difficult circumstances from which mankind rose to conquer the world and houses one of the largest cities, Kir Vallen ruled by an Empress.


Phorex Isles consist of several key locations:
Kir Vallen is a large city, nearing a metropolis in the south-eastern peninsula of Phorex Island. Ruled by an Empress, the city is built upon use of slave-force and with the grave ambition of expanding its influence over Monarch Jungles.
Monarch Jungles house some of the worlds most dangerous predators and strong dinosaurs to ever exist. Found at south-western side of Phorex Island, it is a hunting ground for inventive and deadly carnivores, Monarch Jungles hold within them many Yuan-Ti ruins and places of interest to the civilized world, not to mention the impressive amount of resources such as food, lumber and herbs the dense jungles might hold.
The Bay of Gifts is a large bay north-west of Kir Vallen, on the other side of the Hallowed Giants. Known as well romantically as "Shore of Colours" this shore has been quite the definition of paradise to any modern or primal human. However, as of late the bay has been overrun by an alliance of hostile tribalists known as "Ghermygg's Claws" that have declared war on Kir Vallen and as such, the shore is a place ripe with danger.
Hollow Giants is the name used for a large mountainrange in middle of Phorex Island. Hollowed out by a millenia of mining, the mountains are full of passages both forgotten and secret. Highest peaks of the mountain reach several thousands of feet and the mountains highest peaks hold many secrets that are yet to be uncovered by anyone ambitious enough to make it to the top and back down again.
Parched Highlands are found on the north-eastern corner of Phorex Island. These highlands are often shadowed by the Hollow Giants, leading to them becoming a small savannah, nearing a desert by the year. Seperated from the sea with a high cliffside, life in these treacherously dry lands is a constant struggle for survival. Yet, there are rumors of the ancient Yuan-Ti Empire reaching as far as here.
Sister Island is a small island to west of Phorex Island, often forgotten to be mentioned beneath the grandeur of Kir Vallen, Bay of Gifts and Monarch Jungles. Hosting its own share of dangerous creatures and even inhabitants other than humans, the island has long since been forgotten in any political or expansive power-play that the Empress of Kir Vallen has in her mind.


In history, Phorex Isles acted as the very epicenter and heart of an expansive Yuan-Ti empire and the islands inhabitants hold many tales of god-like beasts that were used in enormous wars and slave rebellions which finally "broke the serpents spine" and gave the humans their freedom.
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