Tales of justice When it absolutely, positively needs to get there

When it absolutely, positively needs to get there

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Infinity Inc and Hammer Empire are squabbling over a serum sample currently in the possession of SAFEGUARD.

Greetings True Believers!


What a beautiful warm day for a drive through Massachusetts! White clouds in the sky, the sun shining overhead, a cool breeze through the grass, why it’s like a postcard come to life!


But everything may not be as it seems, True Believers! Riding on that interstate is our hero Thunderstrike, and not far behind him is Amythyst behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler. They’re driving north, but why? There is nothing in that part of Massachusetts but timberland and a reservoir. What could they be hauling? And why is there a black car following discreetly behind them with two agents of SAFEGUARD in it?


Could it be related to the three Hammer Empire labs that were discovered in New York City by the Knights Vigilant? Our heroes did pick up the truck, trailer, and serious traveling companions in New York. And do our heroes know … they’re being followed?


But don’t let it drive you to distraction! The answers to this and more are heading your way, True Believers!


This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


Following the events in New York, SAFEGUARD assigns three agents to work with two agents of Wyldfire in transporting a half-truck load of Hammer Empire serum dubbed: Project Warwolf.


The team is to deliver the cargo to “Dana” at the Quabbin Reservoir. This is a coded reference to the submerged town in the reservoir. It is actually a Safeguard Research, Storage and Disposal facility.


Safeguard has never had samples of untainted Project Warwolf serum, and certainly never had this much. They want to get some for study and dispose of the rest.


At the same time, Hammer Empire has sent a team to destroy the serum. They don’t want it falling into Safeguard’s hands.


Counter to this, Infinity Inc has sent a recovery team that intends on getting a sample of this serum ( which they have never had access to before ). It is for Simon Arkangel who wants to examine it to see if Hammer Empire has some discovery he hasn’t made or if there is something he could glean from study of the serum.

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