Tales of justice Perils of Wundagore

Perils of Wundagore

Diplomatic action


Wyldfire (with special guest star Kraven the Hunter) tries to track down the latest clue about Feral. To do that, they'll have to meet the Wundagore Knights -- including Jarissa's clone-sister, Lady Jessica.

Trail of Dr. Essex, part 1


Greetings True Believers!


It’s said that flying is the safest means of travel. That is certainly true today for our heroes! Right now, the cloaked Wyldfire quinjet streaks through the clouds over the collection of Southeastern European nations known as the Baltic states.


But, this isn’t just a simple vacation, True Believers! Our heroes are hot on the trail to rescue their missing teammate, Jarissa Paxton, otherwise known as "Feral"!


Their current clues point toward what might have been a dimensional rift in North Korea. But! To get there undetected, they need assistance. First, would be Kraven the Hunter, who was asked to go along to help as a personal favor to Jarissa’s husband, Blackjack. Second, would be logistical information and possible means to enter North Korea.


This means a visit to mysterious Wundagore Mountain on the Romanian – Serbian border! There they hope to ask for assistance from the enigmatic Michael Arkangel, creator of the “NuMen” and the Knights of Wundagore!


But all may not be as it seems, True Believers. Serbia is a land plagued with its own troubles, and the welcome for our heroes may not be as cordial as they hope.


Let’s check in and see how they are doing!


This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!




Guest Starring

  • Lady Jessica and the Knights of Wundagore!

Baltic Rumble!


Greetings True Believers!


Welcome Back! Kidnappings in Serbia? A mysterious copper mine? A band of raiders led by a former KGB assassin? A pack of drones that look very similar to Mr. Sinister’s Marauder drones?


Looks like our heroes dug down to the motherlode on this one!


Can they withstand the assault from the mysterious drones, Iron Maiden and her partner, Madam Mayhem? And what was that strange message referring to Amythyst as a ‘Guardian’? And most importantly, will our heroes find a way to rescue the kidnap victims from the forced labor camp?


Also … will they find out how Iron Maiden and Madam Mayhem have technology so similar to what is used by the nefarious Mr. Sinister?


Stay on the edge of your seat, True Believers, there’s more answers, excitement and mystery to come!


This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!




Greetings True Believers!


Slave labor mining copper for another dimension! A portal that delivers Mr. Sinister’s Marauder Drones! Madam Mayhem versus Amethyst! Marauder Drones against our heroes! Romanian bandits versus everyone!


Get ready for a battle royal, True Believers! Will our heroes find out how Madam Mayhem knows about Amythyst and his Kryptonian Power Ring? Will Dr. Reynolds discover how his father knows Michael Arkangel?


Above all, will Madam Mayhem’s portal help our heroes recover their kidnapped teammate?


It’s that one-two punch we’ve all been waiting for, True Believers!


This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!

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