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Wandermeran Stone Ships

You're wondering how it floats, right? "Who in their right mind uses stone for ships?" Well, I guess our scientists and mages weren't in their right mind when they started the project. And thank fuck they weren't, because these ships are stronger than any other you'll find. Come, I'll show you how they work.
— Wandermeran Dock-master
  Stone brought from the ocean floor, and reshaped through magic. Chemical treatments are applied to the stone to reduce its density, then magics are applied to reinforce it. The stone is shaped into one single, continuous formation. The hull, the cabin, the prow; every part of a Wandermeran Stone Ship that does not move is wrought from a single piece of stone.


The Stone Ships of Wanderemere are mainly sail driven ships. One large mast is located in the very center of the ship, and a second smaller one located near the prow. The masts sit on a swivel on the deck of the boat; a large reinforced stone ball joint, restricted to rotational movement. The masts are 90' tall, and the sails have a span of 75', and may be furled up or let loose by a single sailor.   At the bottom of the ship are two tanks attached to either side of the hull. They sit about 10' below the surface of the water. Inside each tank is a thin dividing wall, and at the back of the tank, a small sealed nozzle. Should the the Stone Ship need to move during unfavourable winds, the tanks may be used for a short period of intense propulsion. Two sailors working together can at the same time lift the diving walls within the tanks, mixing the two fluids within, creating intense pressure. The nozzle of the tank can then be worked to release the pressure in a controlled amount, generating strong enough propulsion to send the stone ship forward.

Weapons & Armament

Main Deck Ballista

A row of 3 ballista line either side of a stone ship. Exactly like the masts of the ship, each ballista sits on it's own swivel joint. However, where the masts rotation is controlled by the captain at the helm of the ship, every individual ballista may be controlled by a single sailor at it's position.   The second deck of stone ships is split between storage for ballista ammunition, storage for general goods, and sleeping quarters for the crew and passengers. The ballista ammunition is stored within half-open barrels that may be quickly brought out and swapped for empty barrels on the main deck. Sailors not on firing-duty will often become ammunition runners, ensuring no lapse in firepower.

Secondary Chemical Tanks

Aim steady... steady... FIRE! Burn it, burn it all down!
— Stone Ship Captain
Two smaller secondary tanks of chemicals are stored above water, at the head of a Stone Ship. These tanks are able to be controlled in tandem by a single trained Sailor. They may be aimed, and have the chemicals mixed at the same time. The chemicals mix at a slightly different ratio than the propulsion tanks, resulting in less propulsion, but more fire at longer distances.


The city of Wandermere are the most commonly seen sailing the Stone Ships, as the ships are of their own design. Occasionally, if relations are in good condition, sailors from Blackridgepool may be seen sailing a Stone Ship on loan from Wandermere -- but this doesn't happen very often.


The main and most common use of stone ships. Since the War of the Fracture, relations between Wandermere and Blackridgepool have been frosty at best. While there's never been anything remotely close to war since the Fifth Floor attacked the Fourth, Wandermere remains on guard, continuously scouting the ocean.


As a result of the loss of Wandermere's Ring Gate into the ocean, the ocean currents are in disarray. Nearly unpredictable whirlpools and storms wreak havoc across the oceans surface. The Stone Ships, often able to weather far more dangerous conditions than regular sea-faring vessels, are sent out to track the ever changing currents.
Complement / Crew
5-10 trained sailors
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Upwards of 3,000 lbs of Cargo, as well as space for 20 extra passengers.

Below Deck

Transparent Stone

Another marvel created by the Wandermeran's, Transparent Stone is used below decks to create incredibly strong windows at the bottom of the ships hull. Rooms are built around these windows, and turned into sorts of "Viewing Rooms". Each time a Wandermeran Stone ship sails, there is at least two sailors located in these viewing rooms -- one in the front of the ship, one in the back. The sailors are on the lookout for anything that might harm the ship; in particular, Clockwork Leviathans, or the terror known as the Crimson Whale.   The sailors within the viewing rooms also keep an eye out for any signs of Wandermere's Ring Gate -- after it's loss in the Second First Food, the city has continuously looked for it in the Fourth Floor Ocean.  

Chemical Storage

The bulk of the lower decks of Stone Ships is taken up by a single large storage room. The room is kept dark and cool down below the water -- it's walls are covered in soft padding to further protect it's precious cargo: chemicals. These chemicals power the ship's secondary propulsion methods, and are also used in the chemical throwers located on the front of each ship.   The chemicals are stored within tough, reinforced wooden barrels, packed tightly together so as to limit the amount of jostling that occurs. As barrels are taken out to refill the propulsion tanks and combat tanks, they are refilled with water and replaced within storage, to keep everything tightly packed.
Is that... yep. Looks like it. Seems like Wandermere's sent out another scouting ship out here. Look, you can tell it's one of theirs by the dark gray colouring on it... wonder what they're looking for this time. Ocean currents been fine out here, s'far as I can tell.
— Blackridgepool vessel Captain.


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