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19 Dec, 2022 01:34

I love Gaze. And Delight. And their whole group. So much.   And you know my favorite part? Oomzi. Is that silly? I love all the love and trust and community, and his existence and everyone's reactions to him really drive it home. And Gaze seems really happy to think about him, even in the middle of certain "activities," in your excerpt. And that little bit is my favorite part.

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19 Dec, 2022 01:55

Thank you so much, your comments always make me feel so happy and proud. I was not expecting that silly section to be so well received, but I'm glad it drives it home. Gaze is a proud father, and one that lives in awe of the course his life took and keeps taking.

19 Dec, 2022 09:58

The quotes and descriptions in this article are absolute perfection. <3

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30 Dec, 2022 21:01

Thank youuu!

19 Dec, 2022 21:23

A very good character sketch. The scene sections provide an erotic boosting view of his lifestyle where the character is expressing himself rather than being a third party. Good work.

30 Dec, 2022 21:05

Thank you very much! I'm glad you found the scenes to aid the descriptions :)

31 Jan, 2023 17:33

He sounds like someone I'd like to be friends with. I like his passion! also this quote made me laugh: "you fluffy dumb menace"

9 Feb, 2023 16:50

I would definitely befriend him myself. I would have to control myself to avoid petting his fluffy back every time he's around shirtless though.

1 Feb, 2023 19:51

Great character article. I love the sound of Gaze and how he has created the life he wanted. Oomzi sounds adorable too! :)   I should not have been reading the quotes whilst drinking, though.

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