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Eagos is the central continent of the world of Strathnora. Origin of the Humans, it has become a melting pot of cultures and heritages over the centuries as more and more people gather on it. Today, it is considered the literal center of the world, appearing as such on maps and as a trade hub. It is characterized by varied landscapes, cultural richness, and a history shaped by the interactions of its human inhabitants and the mystical forces that permeate the world.  

Current Challenges:

Political Tensions:
Political dynamics among the regions of Eagos may give rise to tensions, driven by cultural differences, economic interests, or historical grievances.   Celestial Influences:
Celestial events continue to influence life on Eagos, impacting agricultural practices, magical rituals, and the beliefs of its inhabitants.  

Overall Themes:

Cultural Exchange:
Eagos serves as a crossroads for cultural exchange, where different regions coalesce to create a diverse and vibrant society.   Harmony with Magic:
The people of Eagos have learned to harmonize their lives with magical forces, incorporating them into their daily activities, traditions, and governance.   Unity in Diversity:
Despite regional distinctions, there is a prevailing sense of unity among the inhabitants of Eagos, embracing the diversity that enriches their collective identity.   Eagos stands as a central and dynamic continent within the world of Strathnora, offering a tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and magical experiences for those who traverse its varied regions.


Geography and Regions:

The Terris Region:
Location: Western side of Eagos.
Capital: Havenport.
Features: Terris is known for its coastal cities and bustling trade ports. Havenport, the capital, is a hub for commerce, maritime activities, and cultural exchange.   The Frosmor Region:
Location: Northern side of Eagos.
Capital: Northfort.
Features: Frosmor is characterized by icy landscapes, snow-covered mountains, and dense forests. Northfort serves as a stronghold against the northern chill and a center for military activities.   The Aurum Region:
Location: Southern side of Eagos.
Capital: Goldshire.
Features: Aurum is renowned for its fertile lands, golden fields, and prosperous cities. Goldshire, the capital, is a cultural and economic center known for its architecture and vibrant markets.   The Corallia Region:
Location: Eastern side of Eagos.
Capital: Mezrillia.
Features: Corallia boasts lush landscapes, including expansive forests and plains. Mezrillia, the capital, is a center for arts, education, and diplomacy.   The White Peaks:
Location: Central Eagos.
Features: The White Peaks are a central mountainous region housing underground cities of dwarves. These subterranean realms have historical significance and are vital to the continent's magical and economic activities.


The climate is mostly temperate, enjoying hot summers, mild springs and autumns, and cold but not harsh winters across the majority of the continent. Of course, this changes depending on which part of the continent you are on, with hotter temperatures the further South you travel, and colder temperatures the further North.

Fauna & Flora

There is a vast range of flora and fauna spread across the continent, thanks to its highly varied biomes and climates.

Natural Resources

Eagos is rich in wood, ore and food. It also has access to magical wood and ore.


Historical Significance:

Dragon Wars Impact:
Eagos experienced the repercussions of the Dragon Wars, though the direct impact was not as severe as on other continents. The presence of dragons and the remnants of celestial conflicts shape the continent's history and narratives.   Dwarven Underground Cities:
The White Peaks house underground cities of dwarves, who have a historical connection to the continent. These cities play a role in trade, craftsmanship, and the exploration of magical elements.


Eagos, as the central continent, sees a great deal of travelers in its lands, be they traders, mercenaries or just tourists. Each Capitol City of Eagos has it's own unique culture, drawing hundreds, if not thousands, to visit and see each every year.
The continent of Eagos.