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Strathnora is a fantastical world characterized by diverse landscapes, mythical creatures, and rich cultural tapestries. It is a realm steeped in magic, where each corner holds secrets, and every kingdom is defined by its unique history and inhabitants. The world of Strathnora is a product of imagination, blending elements of high fantasy, adventure, and mystery.  

Themes in Strathnora:

Resilience and Adaptation:
The nomadic tribes and inhabitants of Strathnora embody resilience, adapting to the challenges posed by magical landscapes and celestial influences.   Celestial Mysticism:
Celestial events and influences are deeply woven into the fabric of Strathnora, shaping the behaviors of both its inhabitants and mystical creatures.   Balance of Nature and Magic:
The delicate balance between the magical elements and natural ecosystems is a recurring theme. Nomadic communities often revere and protect these elements as part of their cultural practices.   Cultural Integration:
Strathnora celebrates cultural diversity, with various races and ethnicities coexisting and contributing to the vibrant mosaic of the world.   Magical Artefacts and Materials:
Rare magical materials like Dragon's Vein Crystal and mystical plants like Dragon's Breath Blossoms serve as catalysts for magical practices, alchemy, and cultural traditions.   Strathnora invites exploration into a realm where the fantastical and the magical coalesce, offering a world where mythical creatures, diverse cultures, and mystical forces create an immersive and enchanting experience for those who venture into its lands.



Characteristics: Massive mountain ranges, dense pine forests, and a large swamp.
Notable Locations: Risakastali (formerly dwarven fortress city), nomadic tribes.   Bar-Oinur:
Characteristics: Formerly dominated by a massive forest, now the Dragon Blood Desert.
Notable Locations: Tur-Ravan (elven capital), South and North Ravan Forests.   Eagos:
Characteristics: Central continent, homeland of humans.
Notable Locations: Havenport (western capital), Northfort (northern capital), Goldshire (southern capital), Mezrillia (eastern capital), The White Peaks (dwarven underground cities).   Skipta:
Characteristics: Split in two during Dragon Wars due to Celestial Citadel crash.
Notable Locations: Ruins of the Celestial Citadel, remnants of the split continent.   Alqara:
Characteristics: Desert continent with a small port town and Dhahabi city around an oasis.
Notable Locations: Port town on the northern tip, Dhahabi city.   Skatuch:
Characteristics: Small continent with near-constant volcanic activity, home to dragons.
Notable Features: Dragon Council citadel, diverse dragon territories.  

Seas and Oceans:

The Frozen Sea:
To the north of Eagos, known for icy expanses and drifting icebergs.   The Azure Sea:
Between Eagos and Folketshjem, characterized by clear, azure-blue waters.   The Sapphire Ocean:
Between Eagos, Bar-Oinur, and Skatuch, known for its deep blue hues and vast expanse.   Dragon's Maw Ocean:
Between Skipta and Skatuch, a turbulent and treacherous body of water.   Ember Gulf:
Between Bar-Oinur and Alqara, influenced by the heat of nearby deserts.

Ecosystem Cycles

Celestial Influences:
Celestial events play a significant role in the magical essence of Strathnora. Dragons, nomadic tribes, and mystical flora and fauna are often influenced by alignments of stars and moons.

Fauna & Flora

Mystical Creatures:
Dragons, sand whales, and mythical plants like Dragon's Breath Blossoms are integral to the ecosystem and cultural fabric of Strathnora. These creatures often have magical properties and are central to the beliefs and practices of the inhabitants.


Dragon Wars:
The Dragon Wars had a profound impact on Strathnora, transforming landscapes and societies. The crash of the Celestial Citadel into Skipta and the ensuing battles left lasting scars on the continent.


Cultural Diversity:
Each region and kingdom in Strathnora boasts its own unique culture, traditions, and history. The diverse populations, including humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, goblins, and catfolk, contribute to the rich tapestry of the world.
Overworld of Strathnora
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